A Step-By-Step Process to 4th Dimensional Manifesting

October 22, 2019

Today's writing is straightforward and to-the-point:

A simple and powerful manifesting process in 5 steps.

This process harnesses what mystic Neville Goddard called "fourth-dimensional focus," a method of bridging desire from imagination to three-dimensional reality.

“To what we will call the fourth-dimensional focus, the past, the present, and the future of the natural mind are a present whole.”


Step 1

Realize that there is only this present moment, this eternal Now, within which all potentialities of the past, present and future exist. Therefore, any desired condition is available to be pulled into the realm of 3rd-dimensional experience.

Step 2

Decide what it is you desire. Be bold, and be honest. Remember, all possibilities already exist, and therefore there is no reason to compromise.

Step 3

Determine what would imply this desire is already physically manifest. An object or experience in which you can identify a specific sensation (touch) can be most powerful.

Step 4

Withdraw attention from the physical and find the feeling of your fulfilled desire. Grab onto it within your imagination and feel the sensation of this implied experience. Experience it being here and now, in a realm co-existing but no less real than physical reality.

Step 5

Carry on with your day, feeling the existence of this fulfilled desire. When you find yourself reacting to the physical in a way that does not represent the truth of your desire fulfilled, access this 4th-dimensional sensation again. Repeat until you experience a feeling of naturalness that this desire is here and there is nothing left to be done. Creation is finished.


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