the best daily practice FOR SELF-REALIZATION

October 29, 2019

The best daily practice you can take for personal mastery and evolution is actively seeing through the illusion of thoughts and feelings.

If you were to daily make it a focus of identifying the illusory nature of every thought that occurs to you, soon the veil would begin to crack and your infinite Self and true reality would begin to shine through.

Observe and investigate every thought, and you will realize that all thought is nothing more than mental energy suspended through attention within the eternal void of awareness-consciousness.

You will see that there is no thought that can be proven as real, beyond the reality you yourself assign it (and by assigning it as real it then manifests into your reality).

This leaves you in an interesting position—the realness of the world begins to break down (the world is nothing more than crystallized thought forms), and you find that the only thing that truly exists is the infinite love-bliss-light that you are.

From here you realize that you were never anything less than everything you desire to be (and more)...

And as thought is the mechanism you’ve always masterfully used to create your world, every manifestation desired is a simple thought away.

— Dave Smith, Co-Founder, Reality Hacker Co.


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