At Reality Hacker Co we talk a lot about taking responsibility for your circumstances. When pursuing personal power, there is no other way.

What you take responsibility over, you have the power to change.

Conversely, what you assign blame over, you render yourself impotent to change.

The economy, the government, friends and family, circumstances—it doesn't matter how much perceived power an individual or organization might have, as soon as you assign blame your power is over.

So in order to change the conditions in your life you desire to change, you must take your power back.

Let's try an experiment. Just for a moment, consider where you are diverting power in your life. If you take an honest inventory, you might be surprised. This blame game is sneaky!

Now, imagine this entire list—everything that is weighing you down—is a cloud of energy hovering and orbiting around you. You can feel the density of this energy, the weight of all this blame and powerlessness bearing down on you.

Then let it all instantly dissolve. The entire cloud suddenly evaporates, leaving no sense blame or powerlessness in your energy system. Take a deep breath, and notice the only thing remaining is true power and potential. Without blame, there is nothing you cannot do; you are light and empowered with infinite potential!

This is the freedom you can experience every moment of every day, if you do just one thing. Do it, and you will experience more joy, peace and abundance than you have perhaps ever experienced before.

This thing isn't complicated. In fact, it's a lot more simple than what you're doing now. It's the simplest thing you could ever do, because it's your true nature.

What is it? You must buy the pearl.

But there's a problem...

"Very few are willing to sell all and buy the pearl."

—Neville Goddard

...you have to be ready for it. You have to be willing to do it. And most of all, you have to have the courage to look at the world differently.

Are you ready for total power and freedom? Read on to see...

"So great is this pearl, so valuable, it takes everything that you own to buy it.

Now you don’t go and liquidate your stocks and bonds… you don’t sell your homes; you don’t sell anything in the world of Caesar.

But it takes everything that you now believe in other than it to pay for it.

You believe in astrology? You’ve got to sell it.

You believe in teacup leaves, in numerology and all these things? No matter what you believe in as a power to control you, you’ve got to sell it.

It takes the belief– all these beliefs– and you’ve got to sell them. No one will buy them from you! But you give them up as value-less! Therefore, there’s no price attached, no value whatsoever. But you can’t hold on to one thing you now believe in as a power that controls your life and still hope to buy the pearl of great price.

Everything you now believe in, whether it be even the drugs that you take, even the things–the diets, if you’re a vegetarian and you think that’s the way to God… if you’re a meat eater and you think that’s the way to God… if you’re a nonsmoker, nondrinker, and that’s the way to God… or if you are a smoker and a drinker and that’s the way to God. There is no way to God but Christ.

I AM the way.

There is no other way.

Way to what?

To everything in this world."

—Neville Goddard

And there it is—in order to achieve total power and freedom, in order to unlock the ability to change and achieve anything in life, you must take every last ounce of blame and give it all away.

As Neville stated above, this is the only path to Christ—in other words, Christ Consciousness, the transcendence of all physical limitation and awakening of our true, infinite potential.

This can only be achieved once you understand that consciousness creates and contains reality—without exception, down to the last drop. As long as an external, objective world is believed to be reality, there will be a diversion of power.

The good news is a simple inquiry into the nature of reality will easily prove the opposite, that the universe and all its form and appearance is within you. Just try to find something—anything—outside your awareness and you cannot. All is within!

We are each a center of one singular awareness-consciousness, the same source experiencing different perspectives of itself.

And thus, to sell all belief and buy the pearl is the greatest step forward we can take. It's simple. It's natural. All you must do is let go.

Once we let go of our false beliefs and allow our oneness to shine forth and pull us in to our own infinity, we are simultaneously empowered for personal potential and the greatest benefit of all.

The pearl containing all you seek is within you. This is the only path to everything you are looking for. Try it, you won't regret it.

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