October 25, 2019

While the term “enlightenment” is often presented as an esoteric or mystic state, it simply means living identified with your most basic and pure level of being.

Beneath the reasoning mind, beneath the stories, beneath the concepts of separation, exists the enlightened state.

This state is not something to be achieved, it’s something to be revealed; it’s who you really are.

Therefore the idea of enlightenment is just another reflection of the illusion of separation—that we are separate from something we desire.

As you work to quiet your mind and strip away stories of limitation, the pure and radiant light of infinite awareness-consciousness begins to shine through.

If you are committed, it does not take much time to discover what lies behind the mind—simply locate what’s always there underneath your thoughts, stories and feelings.

Story by story, as these limitations and illusion drop away, it becomes self-evident that only one truth remains;

That we are a singular oneness in still and eternal harmony, THE source and substance manifesting a human life through imagination.

This is the most pure and basic level of being; this is the truth of who you really are...

This is the whole, complete, boundless, free, infinite and eternal You.

Humanity yearns for immortality, yet has been eternal all along.

Discover this for yourself, and you will find the secret to creation; which really is no secret at all—

The secret you are searching for is You.

— Dave Smith, Co-Founder, Reality Hacker Co.


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