November 21, 2019

If you were to, from this moment on, not take the world of the senses for reality,

And instead, focus only on feeling,

Absorbing yourself completely in the internal world of awareness-consciousness,

Choosing to only allow the feelings of freedom, love, expansion, wholeness, certainty, trust and and so on to exist within you,

Disallowing any feeling of lack or struggle,

Within a matter of days or weeks your life would completely transform.

The reason is simple:

The "outside" world is nothing more than an echo of feeling.

It is only because of our belief in outside power or promise that we continue to struggle, to fight, to strain and to compromise.

It is only because of our belief that the world out there is solid and separate that we believe we must go out and change it in order to find what we are looking for.

Investigate these beliefs for yourself and you will find them breaking down before you.

There is no outside world, because all that we experience happens within awareness. Separation is an illusion.

There is no "thing" we desire, because all meaning is born from feeling. Finding fulfillment externally is an illusion.

Look at your experience of the world and all you will find are endless movements in consciousness.

Look at your desires and all you will find are endless urges for feeling.

Awareness-consciousness is the only reality, and feeling is how we mold this reality into form and experience.

Realizing this, and taking dominion over it, is feeling hacking.

Alter the feeling, and the world will always change. Effortlessly, automatically and with certainty.

It only takes a small shift, a softening of our focus on the outside world, a choice to give more reality to how we are feeling (what we’re giving life to) than what we perceive, for everything to change.
Feeling is the secret. Feeling is everything.
Break the illusion and discover all that you are searching for here.


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