the forgotten elixir to ultimate freedom

In one way or another, we're all searching for freedom.

It might be in money, or success, or relationships, or anything we desire, really.

Why? Because freedom is our true nature. We seek that which we truly are.

It is in our everyday desires that we find our ultimate desire for freedom—

"When I have money I'll be able to..."

"When I have this success I'll be able to..."

"When I have that relationship I'll be able to..."

It always ends in the desire for freedom.

And so we pursue better, faster, more masterful ways to manifest this freedom. Likely that's why you are here, reading this now.

Yet, there's a problem—we never seem to arrive there. There's always more, things could always be better.

That ultimate freedom, the idealized moment when we can finally kick up our feet and take a deep breath and relax because we're permanently free... never arrives.

Is this the great cosmic joke of humanity? Are we destined to chase a mirage that never arrives?

A few years ago, at the height of my seeking, I considered this. After all, it seems so, doesn't it?

But eventually I discovered something. I was looking at freedom all wrong...

Freedom is not found in "having"... freedom is found in transcending.

The only way to truly be free is to elevate above the duality of "having" and "not having."

As long as you're focused on "having," you're stuck in duality, which includes the possibility of "not having." It's a never-ending loop.

But the moment you step back from duality, look at both "having" and "not having" as equal states of the same thing, both of which are a part of you...

Boom—instant and total freedom!

Freedom from lack. Freedom from loss. Freedom from not enough. Freedom from everything.

And consequently, something quite interesting and unexpected happens—

You begin to have exactly what you were looking for.

Not only in feeling, but the physical desires you were so diligently working to manifest just seem to materialize on their own. Without effort.

See, "having" is a property of our natural state; but it only truly occurs when its own duality is transcended.

Transcend "having," and you have it all, by default. Permanently. Including all the fun physical stuff.

Just try it—let go of the feeling of not having something, and notice the feeling that remains... having.

Transcension is the forgotten elixir of ultimate freedom.

And if you're ready, we're here to guide you there.

—Dave Smith, Co-Founder Reality Hacker Co


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