This is a common stage of the manifesting journey:

You've studied a ton of material.

You feel like you've heard it all.

But there's one thing you still can't crack:

How do I get out of my head? 

Most people find themselves stuck at this plateau.

It's not that they need more method or technique, they have plenty of that.

It's the incessant thinking. The doubting. The worrying. The sabotaging.

At this stage, you know your thoughts create your reality.

You've experienced, and successfully manifested from, this principle.

But there's still some lingering questioning and overthinking.

Sometimes, no matter what you do, you just can't seem to go out of your head... out of your own way.

It's like you keep hitting a mental wall. Something blocking you.

And so you're left feeling:

If only I could get out of my head! That's the only thing blocking me!


This was a critical stage in my growth, and it took a while to figure out what to do about it.

What I eventually realized was this:

You can wrestle with your thoughts for a lifetime. There will always be new blocks, resistance or beliefs to eliminate.

Or, you can go beyond the mind. Completely bypass thinking.

Now, this was a completely different solution than anything I was reading in metaphysics.

But somehow this made sense. Or at the very least, it felt like total relief.

Because I was tired of battling my thoughts. Seriously.

See, metaphysics focuses on controlling your mind. Which is great. And it works. To a point.

However eventually we reach the stage where we begin bumping into the limitations of the mind.

The mind is like an echo chamber. And if you stay at the level of the mind, you are constantly bumping into echoing thoughts.

It's like you're playing a never-ending game of mental ping pong. And it's exhausting!

The great sages and masters have always said to go beyond the mind, that this is where you'll find what you are searching for.

And they couldn't be more right.

When you learn to go beyond the mind, you are able to step outside of thinking.

It's a place of pure beingness (as we call it in the I Am Experience).

It's peaceful, serene, and free. Your true, infinite being.

From here, you can place thoughts in your head. When it matters.

But you don't need to think. You'll be mostly guided by intuition. 

And desires manifest. Oh, they manifest. With ease and speed like never before. Because there's nothing in their way!

To go beyond the mind is to go beyond all mental methods and techniques of manifesting.

With a silent mind, you simply (and consciously) place a thought of what you desire. And it happens.

This is our natural state. And it's what we are all searching for. And it's available to everyone.

Interested in learning how?

In the I Am Experience, we systematically go beyond the mind through simple (and powerful) experiments. It's a hands-on journey that will change your life, and your manifesting, forever. We'd love to have you!

— Dave Smith, Co-Founder Reality Hacker Co


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This is a common stage of the manifesting journey: You've studied a ton of material. You feel like you've heard it all.But there's one thing you still can't crack: How do I get out of my head? 


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