How to create more flow and progress toward your dreams?

Have you ever noticed that setting big goals easily generates resistance?

The minute you create a goal that feels out of reach, the mind jumps in and blocks you...

How can this happen?
Will this happen?
What if it's not what I want?
What if I can't manage it?
What if it goes wrong?

The resistance never ends! The "what ifs" in relation to the world are literally infinite.

So how can we better navigate this?

Forget goals.

Instead, focus on expanding the size of yourself.

How do you feel in relation to your circumstances?

Do you feel small?

If you notice, the areas of life in which you desire the most change are the areas you tend to feel the smallest.

Now take an area of life you feel is progressing and expanding with ease.

You feel larger, don't you?

Like... "I'm on top of the world"... ?

This is the shift:

To manifest more, expand the size of yourself.

You need not worry about the world. Expand yourself, and the world will always reflect it.

Regardless of what is happening, you always have control over the size of your energy, your sense of beingness.

Be the master of your inner states, and you become the master of your reality.

Explore this more deeply in the I Am Experience.


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