get off the manifesting hamster wheel

July 19, 2020

Are you tired of the manifesting hamster wheel?

The endless tips, tricks and techniques. The repetitive visualizing, affirming and belief-reprogramming...

Do you wish manifesting the life you want, could be... easy?

At some point in the law of attraction journey, I think we all get to this place...

Although the tips, tricks and techniques were dazzling at first, eventually they get old. Really old.

Which makes sense when you think about it. Didn't we resonate with the law of attraction in the first place because it was supposed to make things easier?

So what happened along the way to get you to a place of such effort, force and frustration? Where did things go wrong?

To discover the answer, we must break down the three realms of manifesting.


When it comes to creating change in the world, there are three realms of manifesting:

1.  Physical action

2.  Imagination

3.  Allowing

Most people operate in the realm of physical action. They desire to do, achieve or have something, and they take intentional action to get it. 

The physical action realm is the densest, and therefore takes the most effort. It operates from the principle that "results require action." It's also often the slowest realm to see results.

Then there's the second realm...

Those who study and practice the law of attraction generally operate from the second realm, the realm of imagination. This realm operates from the principle that "imagination creates reality."

The realm of imagination is less dense, and therefore requires less effort to get faster results. Manifesting techniques such as visualization and affirmations are examples of this realm in action.

When someone discovers the law of attraction, their perspective is expanded from the lower realm of physical action, to the higher realm of imagination. Although they once thought physical action was the only way to create change, they are now introduced to utilizing imagination as a shortcut.

This works great for a while, as most people will experience a shift when moving from the first to second realm. They will find previously stuck areas of their life transform with less effort than ever before.

But eventually they hit a wall. The repetitive technique and effort grow old. The glimmer of the realm of imagination wears down. And they sense, deep down, there's something more.

This is the natural evolution of consciousness. As we experience, grow and evolve, we find ourselves ascending between realms. It's sort of like leveling up your character in the game of life. Realm by realm, we progressively awaken our true potential.

If you're feeling stuck, tired of the hamster wheel, and eager to discover what you have been searching for, then you are ready for the third realm. So let's dive in.


As we've explored, each realm of manifesting is less dense than the realm before. And density is directly related to effort—the more effort put in, the denser the realm you are operating in.

The third realm on the other hand is completely effortless. It's the realm of transcension. It exists beyond space and time. It's prior to duality. It's often called Christ Consciousness, as its the embodiment of your higher Self. 

When you operate within the third realm, the realm of allowing, you transcend action. All that happens is a byproduct of the principle, "let go and allow." You simply recognize the perfection in everything, and allow nature to take its course. 

While this may seem like a passive experience, it's actually quite the opposite. The third realm contains the most potent sense of life, energy and potential. It's pure bliss. It's the feeling of total oneness and eternity. And life flows faster and more abundantly than it ever has before.

What's surprising to most about the third realm is that you begin to realize that by simply allowing life to be perfect as it is, desires actually unfold on their own. You realize the sense of "I need to control this, I need to make this happen (either by action or imagination)," is entirely false.

The great cosmic joke is that we spend all this time trying to take control of our lives, just to realize that life would have taken care of our desires anyway, without us needing to do a thing. We just needed to get out of the way.

An example are the times when we fight so hard to control a part of our lives, but eventually give up because nothing we've tried has worked. So we throw up our hands and surrender. And soon after we do this, life resolves on its own. We release control, allow, and natural harmony is restored.

When you are in harmony with the universe, when you allow life to be as abundant and perfect as it is, all falls into place. This is the third realm.


You may be wondering, how could this be so? It all comes down to this...

The natural state of the universe is abundance. You can experience this by taking a thought of limitation and letting it go. What exists in absence of limitation? Limitless potential. Limitless potential is the primordial state of existence.

Likewise, when you release the want of control you are left with total control. When you release the want of abundance you are left with total abundance. When you release the want of anything you are left with what you wanted. You let go and allow the vacuum of natural abundance to restore. This is how effortless it can be.

In the third realm everything you have ever desired is immediately within reach. The love, the relationships, the money, the wellbeing, the freedom—all of this comes in a completely effortless and abundant way. The natural way.

So how is this done?

It's difficult for the mind to conceive of the third realm. The mind is so entrenched in control, that it cannot accept that there is an effortless way, or that creation can happen without its involvement.

So we must experiment. Discover the third realm for ourselves. Experience that nature is tuned to abundance. Prove that by letting go and allowing, all will align with our desires.

To make the process simple we created the I Am Experience. It's a set of 45 experiments that get you to embody your limitless "third realm" nature, easily eliminate everything that is holding you back, and experience how quickly, effortlessly, and consistently your desires can manifest.

We created this for those who are ready to get off the manifesting hamster wheel and move into the realm of effortless allowing. As this happens, you discover how easily the life you want can unfold—and you never have to worry about technique again.

If you're ready, we're ready for you. Click the button below.


Get off the hamster wheel. Unlock the realm of allowing.

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