We talk a lot here about the power of consciousness and the ability to manifest rapidly and effortlessly through understanding the mechanics of reality.

But how do these principles really look when applied to real-life situations? Is anything truly possible?

Today I'd like to share an example of how one can apply these principles and see instantaneous results, through an experience of my own.

Last week I was in town on some errands.

Arriving to my next stop, I pulled the car to the side of the road to park. 

Not looking at the ground below, I jumped out of my car... thwap!

My ankle rolled against some unstable dirt and rocks, and I fell to the ground.

Pushing myself up, pain shot up my leg. 

What have I done, I hope it's not a sprain!

I returned home, hobbling into my house to rest.

A couple hours later, the ankle had swollen and was throbbing in pain. I still could not stand on it. In fact, it was worse!

I can't be immobile for weeks while this heals... I need to take care of this now...

I took a moment to still myself.

Hey, you are not your body... the body is only a reflection... you can transcend this!

Then came the pivotal question:

"What past thought created this?"

I closed my eyes, focusing in on the silence within, awaiting the answer...

Aha! It came to me:

The other day I had the thought... "I haven't experienced pain in a while..."

My inner voice whispered.

Could that be it?

Holding this memory in mind, I gently let it go, watching as it vanished from consciousness.

I felt a rush of relief. Like I had physically let something go. 

My awareness expanded, and for a moment I reveled in the silence and stillness that remained.

And then I noticed something:

For the first time since the incident in town, I totally forgot about my ankle! 

I scanned the injured area, almost expecting to find some pain...

But all I could feel was a distant discomfort, a frail echo of the past.

I stood up. Took a step. And another.

I can walk!

And with that, the injury had vanished...

The body is simply a reflection of our thinking.

What was the cause of my unfortunate event?

Days earlier, I had simply thought about pain.

It wasn't that I expected to have pain, but I accepted that my body was capable of it.

And more importantly, I imagined having it.

A mere idle moment of imagining, and my future reality was created.

Fast forward to the injury...

Knowing that consciousness is prior to the body, I went straight to the cause and erased it...

By letting go of the thought that created it. 

The result... my reality instantly shifted.

How is this possible? By realizing that all of reality is created, and can be uncreated, moment to moment. All of creation is instantaneous!

In the I Am Experience, we explore (and prove) that this reality is no different from a dream, created—in its entirety—by our thinking.

The universe is simply a mentation, our only limitations being those we believe.

Realize this, and reality becomes your playground.

I'll leave you today with this quote by Lester Levenson:

“You’re only free when you know that you’re not the body.”

Now go out and test yourself...

Discover the limitless Beingness you truly are.

— Dave Smith, Co-Founder Reality Hacker Co


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