Law Of Attraction Secrets: Stop Trying To Manifest - Start Doing This!

(Nail this and you’ll end the struggle)⠀

Desire is a funny thing...⠀

It never ends.⠀

It’s fleeting.⠀

Anticipation can last years but usually satisfaction once it arrives only lasts minutes...then on to the next desire.⠀

We live our entire lives chasing it.⠀

Yet we always seem to feel we don’t quite have it.⠀

When I got tired of the endless “manifest as much as possible” mindset, I began to really look at what desire is.⠀

And what I discovered surprised me...⠀

All desire—no matter what it is—if you trace it back to its core, is only one desire, manifesting in different forms.⠀

And, what’s amazing about this revelation is, it’s a desire you can have right now.⠀

What is this one desire?⠀

Well, on the surface it may look like happiness...every desire is chasing a sense of happiness (whether it’s in security, love, acceptance, and so on).⠀

But happiness is still one level above the ONE root desire...⠀

Happiness is still a desire that will never end...trying to manifest happiness will still keep you in a cycle of chasing endless desires in order to sustain it.⠀

Why? Because happiness is still conditional...⠀

“I will be happy when I have this...”⠀

What’s really at the root of all desire is this...⠀

To be your true, infinite Self.⠀

That is the only desire we ever really have.⠀

Here’s why this is so life-changing:⠀

Your true Self is not conditional.⠀

In fact, your true Self IS happiness, bliss, security, power, acceptance, wholeness, and anything else you could ever desire.⠀

In other words, your true Self is everything, and needs nothing... needs no conditions to be itself.⠀

Once you tap into and embody your true Self, the search finally ends.⠀

You, at any time, have everything you could ever desire.⠀

And from this place, because there is no lack, manifestation of physical form is effortless.⠀

Imagine living from a place of EVERY SINGLE DESIRE EVER being in a state of the wish fulfilled.⠀

Meaning, you NEVER, EVER have to try and “assume” or “enter” a wish fulfilled...⠀

Because you are already there.


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