The Easiest Way To Manifest Anything

Manifestation Can Be Effortless

Your desires are not thoughts you come up with and try to put out into the world...

They are thought forms that arise within your individualized consciousness and move—on their own—to express through it.

The entire process is automatic and effortless, if you allow it to happen naturally.

The mistake we make is thinking our desires are of the ego and therefore action must be taken (even mentally) to manifest them.

Can you identify WHERE a desire comes from? Look and see...

You can't. Because there is no perceivable source. They do not belong to the "person."

So why do we take responsibility for them?

If you were to just allow your desires to arise and move through you... ON THEIR OWN...

They would manifest on their own.

They are only blocked when you try to control them... either by trying to figure out how they will materialize, or superimposing a feeling of "I couldn't do that."

If you really look you will find that all qualities of your life were originally just a thought.

And 99%+ of these thoughts you didn't have to do anything with, besides allow them to be (they materialized so naturally that you likely didn't even notice).

Just observe your mind throughout the day without trying to control it and you'll see this process of "moving through" in action.

It is only when you get in the way of the expression of your desires that desires do not manifest.

Then you have to worry about the state, the feeling, the sustaining, etc.

You need not fret about whether you're "doing it right," or "in the state," and so on.

When a desire comes into conscious awareness, allow it to bubble up and do its thing.

If your mind jumps in the way, telling you all these stories of how it can't or might not happen, this is what you must attend to—let those feelings go.

Keep letting go of the stories of "I can't," just by noticing the feeling and allowing it to leave, and your desires will take care of themselves.

It will feel like things are just falling into your lap.

That is all that is required.

For a step-by-step process in letting go... so that you can manifest more... without having to learn another manifesting method or technique...

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