August 12, 2019

Law of attraction methods teach us to focus on desire.

However, the exclusive focus on desire easily causes resistance, struggle, force and frustration. Maybe you’ve been there?

A simple inquiry into the nature of desire will prove that desire itself is endless, and therefore focusing on desire is committing to an endless stream of effort. Isn’t that what we’re looking to free ourselves from?

The simple way to release effort and master manifestation is to do the opposite—become desireless.

Becoming desirelessness is not about giving up desire, it’s about realizing your true nature as the container for everything, the very substance of all that is. And BEING it.

From this perpetual state of desirelessness, you live embodied as pure and blissful space, the canvas upon which the universe flows.

Then, as a desire arises upon your eternal space, it is simply a thought without meaning, and thus you are able to instantly accept it as true (thus beginning its cycle of expression), as the sky accepts a cloud floating within it.

The paradox is we must give up a desire in order to become that desire—give up lack of a thing in order to have that thing.

And being identified as the desireless space that you are, there is no lack, there is only the fullness of your true Self as the totality of everything.

As you move into desirelessness, you notice there is no separation; all time and space collapse into this eternal, unified Now.

You are this Now, the canvas upon which the movement of life flows, and the artist who paints the picture of reality as each moment unfolds.

This is the key to escaping the cycles of circumstance, and finally stepping into the masterful manifestor you are.

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