a simple shift to INSTANTLY solve any problem

Have a problem or trouble you'd like to resolve?

Here's the "effortless way":

Let it go!

By holding onto a problem, by troubleshooting a problem, by worrying about a problem, by trying to manifest your way out of a problem...

You sustain it.

Consenting to a problem as reality gives life to it.

However, when you let go of your thoughts, feelings and emotions surrounding a problem, an interesting realization arises:

On the other side of any problem is always perfection.

And by recognizing this, you allow the perfect solution you were looking for to manifest... on its own.

But don't you have to visualize what you want in order for it to happen?

No! Perfection is your natural state.

But as long as you're focusing on problems, you just can't see it.


Stop focusing on problems, and your true nature will shine through...

The perfect, whole, radiant, infinite light... that is You!

(Experience this in the I Am Experience)

So the easiest way out of any problem is not to try and manifest your way out of it...

The easiest, most effortless way is to simply not consent to it.

Give your problem away. Allow the universe to take care of it.

And bask in the perfection of your own Beingness.

From here, your greatest life will emerge.

Life really can be that simple.

Simply be the perfection that you are... and that is what will manifest.

You are perfect!


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