"How I turned my intellectual understanding into embodied experience..."

My journey begins about 7 years ago.

After a lifetime of anxiety, panic disorder, insomnia and addiction, I was finally broken—suddenly, on a warm summer afternoon, stepping out of my car on a visit to see my parents, I was hit with debilitating fatigue.

Little did I know at the time, this was just the beginning. Rapidly I deteriorated into a nearly bedridden state. Chronic fatigue robbed me of all semblance of what my life used to be, and for the next year my life was spent either in bed or being shuffled around doctor offices in an effort to get to the bottom of what was wrong.

After I exhausted every conventional and alternative medical test and treatment my wife and I could find, I turned to the only place left to go—the mind.

About a year into my condition I stumbled upon Bob Proctor, who for the first time in my life gave me hope. He spoke of the mind and consciousness in a way I had never heard.

With a growing sense of potential, I dove into consuming as much as I could find. I must have logged thousands of hours of study—the Silva Method, The Secret, Abraham Hicks, Hermeticism—the list goes on. Putting these teachings into practice, I began to see a slight improvement.

And then I found Neville Goddard. With Neville's clear and actionable teachings, within a few months I was finally able to resume my life.

So I began sharing my journey with others, gifting my favorite Neville book to as many people as were open to "another way."

I dedicated myself to rebuilding my business. I applied Neville's techniques of conscious manifestation to every goal and desire I could. And a lot of wonderful events took place during this time.

But then in 2018 I hit a wall. After a couple years of pursuing my dreams, I wasn't seeing any movement. I was stuck.

Once again, I was thrown into a season of depression. I lost my confidence. I stopped doing outdoor activities I loved. My anxiety returned.

In January of 2019, my life once again took a turn. I could no longer live this way. My world was full of struggle, effort, pain and misery. I wasn't fulfilled, I couldn't seem to manifest my goals, and couldn't find a way to break through.

It was then I realized that for as much success as I had with these teachings, much of my understanding was intellectual. I believed my consciousness was the cause of my reality, but I hadn't fully experienced it. I was straddling two worlds.

I began frantically pouring through the hundreds of files I had on my computer from my days of intense study. Perhaps there was something I missed, something that would once again ignite the spark of change.

This is when I rediscovered the teachings of American master Lester Levenson, as well as the eastern yogis Yogananda and Ramana Maharshi. With every word they spoke, my heart once again fluttered and radiated with hope. This was what I was destined to discover.

Deconstructing as much material as I could find, I ached to experience the bliss and freedom they had found. To transcend the prison of misery and limitation in which our world lives, to embody the expansiveness of the universe, to fuse and become one with infinity; what must it be like to live on this level?

But from past experience, I knew study never yields embodiment. I needed to put this into practice. Intuitively I found myself implementing experiments daily, testing the statements these masters shared.

Within weeks, my life once again completely transformed...

Radical Change Using a Simple Framework

The first profound experience I had was a few weeks into my experiments.

I was sitting on the patio of my Los Angeles apartment, and after a simple inner inquiry was suddenly engulfed in a torrential outpour of bliss. It was as if the entire universe was pouring through me.

Not knowing what to do with all this joy, I found myself simultaneously laughing and crying in a blissful stupor.

I suddenly knew, without a single ounce of doubt, that in this moment I had everything I needed to manifest anything I desire. I began thinking of all the effort I had taken, all the help I had invested in, all the study I had done, and realized it was all in vain—I already had the mastery I was looking for. And I finally knew how to use it.

After the intensity of this experience subsided a few hours later, I continued with my experiments with a radically new perspective on this existence. I was permanently changed.

In fact, I realized I had never been truly happy in my life. I realized most people aren't. I realized we're all enlightened masters, creators of the universe, walking around telling ourselves we are lacking.

Within two months my life was unrecognizable. It was epic, to say the least. My mind was quiet. I was constantly happy. I was manifesting uncountable times every day. Things would just fall into my lap in the most extraordinary way. I wasn't "trying" to accomplish anything, everything would just unfold.

I had found the master within. But more importantly than that, I had found peace. Not just the temporary peace you get from a good laugh or a delightful meal—true, lasting, in the very deepest levels of your existence peace. It's beyond words how delightful this state is once you arrive.

And it hasn't stopped. There's no way it ever could. When you identify with your infinite Self that is beyond death, when you know you are the universe, when you experience your thoughts affecting the very substance of matter, when feel a oneness that brings all brothers and sisters on this planet together as one, there is no greater feeling one could imagine.

And so, it is my duty to share this with the world. When you've found your true Self, you feel for those who are suffering. Because they are you, a part of you, an expression of you. Love is the truest form of existence.

My co-founder Michael Gustin and I have one mission and one mission only—to help you find the same peace and power we have found for ourselves. This is why we created this experience for you. It is our great joy to watch you transform.

We welcome you on this journey. You are loved, you are complete, and you have within you everything you could ever desire. All it takes is a step forward.

—Dave Smith, Co-Founder Reality Hacker Co

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