October 26, 2019

Power and potential is not derived from the body.

A good example of this is the fact that humanity is constantly up leveling the body’s capabilities.

Look at the fastest mile run. Or other records. Every few years a new record is broken.

Is it that the human body is evolving and becoming more capable? No. It’s that the BELIEF in the body has evolved, allowing more of its source of potential to flow through.

If the body were the source of power and potential, then we would have hit our physical limitations aeons ago. But this is not the case.

Masters throughout history have shown—often only privately to those who were ready (as to not create hysteria among the masses)—the ability to exert control over the body at a level beyond what conventional science deems possible.

This is because power and potential—its true source—is not of this world; the true source lies beyond.

Awareness of this source is only found by going beyond body-world consciousness.

As you do, you find that who You really are is the silent void that contains all, the infinite potential from which all is manifest—your body, the world, and beyond.

To truly identify and access fully this source, you must renounce the body and the world as objective phenomena; it is only through this level of radical questioning that you find what lies beyond.

See the world as illusion, and you see the source of all. It is just behind the world that you find its source.

This is what we at Reality Hacker Co seek to assist humanity with, to be a beacon of light, providing practical and accessible guidance in awakening to our true power.

Only from this place can we transcend our cycles of suffering and move into a realm of freedom, harmony, love and joy.

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