You Get What You Focus From

Today I want to share a concept with you that not many people get when it comes to consciously creating..

Do you really get what you focus on?

We're going to discover the truth (or lack thereof) of that statement today.

We're going to explore some feeling tones today.

Okay, I want you to think about something you've really been desiring lately.. 
It could be money, a new car, a raise, a promotion, or anything really..

Got it? Cool.

I want you to think of it, in depth. 
Get really vivid..

Got it? Okay.

Now, we're going to explore thinking from it...

Thinking and feeling from a thing involves feeling the feeling tones associated with currently possessing it, and exploring the mental coordinates from which you would see the world, were you actually in possession of it now...

What does it feel like to have it? How do you think of the world every day because you have it? What do you feel on a regular basis because it is yours? How is everything else effected by your possession of it?

I often use the sensory vividness of a thing to really increase the speed of its manifestation.. Whether that's an apple, or a bunch of cash.

What does it smell like? What does it taste like? What does it feel like?

To understand this a little easier, let's look at something you currently have, right now. That could be anything. Could be a car. Could be a job. Could be a relationship.

Whenever you think about that thing, in relation to this physical world, you are always thinking FROM the possession of that thing, whatever it is..

In other words, because you have it, the way you think about it is from a place of already possessing it..

"Because I have a car, I..." (ex. Am able to get from A to B with ease)
"Because I have this job, I..." (ex. am able to create X type of lifestyle)
"Because I am in this relationship, I..." (ex. have the ability to cocreate)

Every time you think of the world in relation to these objects, you think from a place of already possessing them..

How does this relate to future manifesting?

What i've seen, is that when I have the ability to think from a place of already having something, the manifestation of it into this physical world is quick, and full of ease. Whether I have wanted to manifest a relationship, extra cash (thousands of dollars on a whim), a new business, even a condo on the beach..

Here's a super important key, though.

You must persist in the thinking from it, rather than thinking of it. When you think of it, you often times create unnecessary (and unconscious) emotional distance, in turn creating separation, and perpetual lack.

"Your desire isn't so far off even as to be near, for nearness implies separation."

When you think from it, you create oneness, a sense of identifying yourself with your desire.

Charles Haanel, author of "The Master Key System" (from which Napolean Hill attributed most of his success to) said this;

"We can only do, to the extent that we can be, and we can only be, to the extent that we are, and what we are is determined by what we think." - Charles Haanel, Master Key System

When you are thinking from the place of already having, in regards to something you are looking to create..

This involves a few things...

The turning away of your senses to the objective world..
And the cultivation of the awareness of having what you desire.

Because the truth is, the "objective" world, as experienced by us, every single day, is us, coming into contact with what we have already assumed to be true.

"You would not have sought me, had you not already found me."

When you can do this successfully, you'll find that knowing the HOW of a thing unfolding is completely unnecessary, because the action you are naturally impulsed to take becomes the exact steps necessary or, "bridge of incidents" to the fulfillment of your desire..

This is how we take the guesswork out of success.

"Assumptions awaken what they affirm. As soon as man assumes the feeling of his wish fulfilled, his four-dimensional self finds ways for the attainment of this end, discovers methods for its realization." - Neville Goddard, Out Of This World: Thinking Fourth Dimensionally

This means that we can never assume a thing to be true without also awakening that in this 3 dimensional world, because the assumptions about our life awaken those aspects of our life in our world. Always.

So, when you assume a thing to be true..

"Well, every time something good happens to me, something bad happens."
"Well, every time I get some money, I have to play catch up with bills."

If assumptions awaken what they affirm...

What do you think we are creating with those basic assumptions we have about our lives..?

Pascal said "You would not have sought me, had you not already found me.."

Indicating that we cannot take action to do a thing, before already realizing its substance inside of ourselves. In fact, the very action we take is indicative of what we have assumed to be true, or the satisfactory feeling of its reality.

Imagine what your life would turn out to be if you began to uproot negative assumptions, by replacing them with new ones that are in alignment with your desire?

"Because I have X, (Insert desire for X) I do what people with X do.."

How does that feel? I bet it feels awesome. 
As it should.

Feeling IS the secret.
Persist in that feeling...

You'll be amazed what comes of it. 

So, play around with this today. Step into a new reality. Have fun. Don't take it too seriously. Begin to think from your desire or goal fulfilled.. persisted in, you'll see some massive results. 

You don't get what you focus on, you get what you focus from.