Unleash fun and flow in your projects and productivity like never before.

This journal upgrade turns any project into a fun "battle". It's perfect for those big projects you need to get done but just keep finding yourself procrastinating.

Note: This is an upgrade to the Reality Hacker OS journal. Don't have the journal yet? Start here or use it on its own.


As an add-on to the base Reality Hacker OS journal, the Battle The Boss Quest gives you a simple framework to play any project (work, school, home, personal) as if you are battling a video game boss.

First you will choose a name for your boss. The Quest comes with a tool to help you generate fun and entertaining boss names.

Next, you will organize your project using our proprietary framework, preparing you for battle. 

As you play your battle (checking off tasks for your project), you record hits and blows to the boss. Watch out though, if you delay too long he'll hit back!

When you complete your project, the boss is defeated and you have earned your victory.

Your projects have never been so fun, exciting and effortless!


The Battle The Boss upgrade comes with:

  • A detailed manual for our proprietary productivity and project management framework, to be played with your Reality Hacker OS journal
  • A printable project template for quick-start use (we also show you how to integrate this template into your journal)
  • A Boss Name Generator that helps you get creative with creating the boss you will battle 
  • A framework to play your projects with others, adding more fun and efficiency in either a teamwork or head-to-head format

Also included is a limited-edition Inventory Upgrade called the Flow Inducer, a "magical gemstone" in the Reality Hacker OS Multiverse that channels and amplifies the creative and productive energy of the universe. The result? You will activate a flow state like never before, effortlessly unleashing creativity and results that will take your projects to a whole new level. While others chase the elusive and magical "flow state," you will command it at will.

Note: This is a digital download


Battle The Boss is on sale now as an instant download. Get started today. Use it with your Reality Hacker Journal, or on its own.


Playing your life as a game is not only fun; there's real science behind why it improves your manifesting success. Our Reality Hacker OS Upgrades use a proprietary process we call Consciousness Mapping to make manifesting results in specific life areas fun and effortless. Most people struggle with consistency and persistence in their manifesting practice—Consciousness Mapping fixes this by placing triggers throughout your daily life and world, which keep you anchored in the ideal state of consciousness for manifesting your desires. By turning your entire world into a game environment, manifesting becomes easy. Each of our Upgrades focuses on one area of life, providing focused triggers and gameplay that will ensure you succeed.

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