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The "All In" Bundle includes:

Reality Hacker OS Spiral Journal

$32 value

Introducing Reality Hacker OS, the first "choose your own adventure" journal and planner for the law of attraction. It's an operating system for your manifesting—each day you will choose what you want to manifest, then be guided in manifesting it with ease, speed and magic. It's time to play your own game.

Comes with a 180+ page spiral journal, "Fail-proof Manifesting" course, entry into our monthly community manifesting games, and other bonuses that make this a journal like no other. One journal, endless possibilities.

Abundance Pack

$29 value

With 20 abundance games, the Abundance Pack gives you endless ways to manifest more abundance, money and opportunity into your daily life. Just choose a game, and you will be guided through simple steps to add immersive abundance-attracting fun and adventure to your day. This literally turns your entire life into a law of attraction abundance adventure. If you've been wanting more abundance in your life, you don't want to miss this!

Works as an add-on to Reality Hacker OS journal

Love & Relationships Pack

$29 value

With 20 love & relationship games, the Love & Relationship Pack gives you fun and creative ways to attract new love, enrich your relationship with that specific person, or just manifest more joy and flow in your social life in general. If you've ever wondered how you can use the law of attraction to attract your ideal relationship(s), this pack will not let you down.

Works as an add-on to Reality Hacker OS journal

Success Pack

$29 value

With 20 success games, the Success Pack gives you a variety of ways to manifest a powerful "flow state" for effortless results in your projects or goals. Use it in your business, at your job, in school, or for your life goals in general. The Success Pack makes your life ambitions way more fun and successful.

Works as an add-on to Reality Hacker OS journal

"Battle The Boss" Productivity Framework

$19 value

The Reality Hacker OS journal add-on that turns any project into a fun "battle". It's perfect for those big projects you need to get done but just keep finding yourself procrastinating on. Comes with a simple "get started" framework, game rules that adapt to any project you want to accomplish, and tools for applying the law of attraction to your productivity for more flow and ease than ever before.

Works as an add-on to Reality Hacker OS journal

"Habit Hacker" Framework

$19 value

The Reality Hacker OS journal add-on that guides you in effortlessly updating and upgrading your habits using advanced principles of mindset hacking. Finally a simple, fun and easy way to make those new habits stick for good. 

Works as an add-on to Reality Hacker OS journal

"Special Manifesting Powers" Variety Pack

$49 value

Reality Hacker OS is not just a law of attraction journal, it's an entire game world. As you play our manifesting games, you step into a character of your design. Through our Character Upgrades, you are given unique and immersive manifesting processes that unlock new powers in the real and game world.

Works as an add-on to Reality Hacker OS journal.

Personalized Blockage Diagnosis

$75 value

We all have areas of life that don't seem to flow as well as they could. Our Personalized Blockage Diagnosis is like taking your manifesting to the mechanic for the ultimate tune-up! Our proprietary process dives deep to learn your unique goals, desires, strengths and weaknesses, then extracts the specific blockages that are holding you back. You get a formal and data-driven diagnosis of our findings.

Personalized 5-Minute Manifestation Plan

$75 value

Once we have completed your Blockage Diagnosis (where we learn your unique goals, desires, strengths, weaknesses and blockages), our team gets to work. We will design your Personalized Manifestation Plan by hand, crafting it according to your unique data. This is a highly-tuned, scientific process, and gives you a simple template to eliminate your blocks and manifest your goals with ease and effortlessness (takes just 5-10 minutes per day).

The I Am Experience Total-Transformation Program

$997 value

The I Am Experience is a transformational 90-day journey into source, infinity, manifestation and more. Through daily do-it-yourself law of attraction experiments, you will discover how infinite you truly are and unlock the ability to effortlessly manifest anything you desire. As you adventure through the 90 days, you will find yourself with more peace, presence and ease than ever before, as you find your sense of limitation dissolving before your eyes. This is a hands-on experience that will change your life forever. Includes 90 days of direct coaching and mentorship for total integration of your effortless, infinite nature.

Comes with physical book, "journey" card deck, online course, mastermind community access, and 90 days of weekly coaching calls and chat support.

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What You Get:

  • Reality Hacker OS spiral journal for "choose your own adventure" law of attraction journaling and gameplay
  • 5 add-on manifesting game packs, plus the one-of-a-kind "special manifesting powers" variety pack
  • Personalized Blockage Diagnosis & 5-Minute Manifestation Plan
  • Endless ways to manifest anything into your life with fun, ease and speed
  • The I Am Experience 90-day manifesting-mastery program
  • Several products included come with special bonuses
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$1,353  Today Just $997   You save $356!

Get unblocked & manifesting with total ease with this special bundle—our Blockage Diagnosis, 5-Minute Personalized Manifestation Plan, Reality Hacker OS "choose your own adventure" manifesting journal, the I Am Experience 90-day mentorship program, and tons of add-ons and bonuses.

 Order Now For Just $997

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