"The world is only a reflection of your inner states."

Our conceptions of self are the filters through which we view and create the world. Change your conception of yourself and you will automatically change the world. This month's Reality Hack helps you notice how you are viewing your sense of self and identity (your inner states), and practice changing these states to create changes in your world.

Here's how to perform this Reality Hack:

1.  Take a moment to look around you to notice what meaning you are giving various aspects of the world around you. You see the events of the day, your present circumstances, other people, and this causes you to feel a certain way about yourself.

2.  Notice that the meaning you ascribe to the world is not objective fact, but rather your own thoughts and ideas—that you have full control over.

3.  Now imagine that this view of the world is one side of a plane, and on the other side is a completely different world (like two sides of a sheet of paper). On the other side is a world that is the perfect expression of all you desire—we'll call this the Upside Down. All you need to do is "flip it", and the entire world changes before you.

4.  Every time you find yourself feeling the world as an undesirable place, imagine your entire reality "flipping" over to instantly reveal the Upside Down. In an instant, your entire worldview transforms into your personal paradise. Notice how by doing this you instantly feel differently about yourself, and how you relate to the world.

Like last month, this is an exercise in "flipping" one inner state into another. This is a fast and effective tool for instant state change.

What we want you to notice with this month's tool is that when you change your worldview, you change your conceptions of self, and thus your reality itself changes... quite quickly. You might notice people interact with you differently, situations resolve, or desires manifest.

Be consistent with this Reality Hack and you'll likely be surprised by how quickly change can happen.


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