"Gratitude attracts more to be grateful for.."

Your dominant state of consciousness will always attract more of the same. Therefore, if you hold the feeling of gratitude, you will attract exponentially more to be grateful for. This month, practice holding the feeling of gratitude as you go about your day, and observe how this practice automatically shifts your reality and world.

Here's how to perform this Reality Hack:

1.  Invite the feeling of gratitude within you.

2.  Notice gratitude is a feeling that is always there, just not in focus. Invite more of the feeling up and into focus.

3.  Feel your chest opening and expanding, and as it does more and more gratitude streams out.

4.  Notice that all you have to do is let go of what you are trying to control in the world, and gratitude naturally shines through. Trying to control is what suppresses gratitude with you. 

5.  Practice going about your day with your inner state wide open and gratitude pouring out of you.

This Reality Hack gets you to notice that underneath your attempts to CONTROL your world, gratitude is always there. It is your true nature! The times we feel most alive, most in the flow, most full of joy, are the times we have let go of control and are allowing life to flow through us.

Letting go of control is not letting go of your dreams and desires. In fact, it's just the opposite. Life is naturally tuned to our desires, and when we let go of control we open ourselves up to its natural flow. Trying to control is the very thing that holds us back. Let go and you discover that everything you've wanted is already within you as your own true nature, and as you embody this the world begins to express it. Just try it and see!


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