the instant switch

"All that you seek is already your true nature."

Ultimately, it’s not the thing or the experience we desire, but the feeling associated with it. Any feeling we desire is already within us, already in our true nature. It’s available now! This month, focus on the feeling, enjoy it moment to moment, and watch as the physical manifestation expresses on its own.

Here's how to perform this Reality Hack:

Shifting from trying to manifest a "thing," to entering and enjoying the feeling of that thing, is a monumental shift to make. The more you occupy the feeling of your desires, with a sense of detachment for what the world is currently showing, the more the world will reflect that feeling. Automatically, effortlessly, and naturally.

When you notice a desire, immediately ask the question, "How would it feel for this to be true?" 

2.  The answer you get is the feeling of that desire fulfilled. Don't try to do anything with it but surrender to it fully.

3.  Notice the feeling is independent of the world. You can feel how you want to feel, now. Acknowledge that the world has no power over how you feel, and the feeling you want from your desire fulfilled can be felt fully, any time.

4.  Complete this process every time a desire arises. See how quickly you can make the shift. Keep your focus on the feeling, with detachment from the world. 

The problem most people have is they enter the feeling of their desire, but immediately shift their attention back outward to world, looking for the expression of their desire. This keeps them in a never-ending feedback loop of failure. By focusing entirely on the feeling, and letting the world be AS IT IS, the world will naturally and effortlessly begin to reflect your desire. It is the detaching from the world, while surrendering to the feeling, that changes everything.


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