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What creates our reality? It is not necessarily the action we take, or the relationships we have, or the luck we fall into. Two people could take the same action and experience completely different results. You've probably noticed this before! So what is it then?

It is our thoughts and feelings. If you were to feel and think thoughts of only what you want—as if you already have it—every moment of every day, you’d only have that! But something often happens when you work on larger goals...

Have you found yourself working to embody the feeling of a desire fulfilled, yet every time you try, your mind jumps in and tells you all the ways this isn’t true? Or maybe it’s not your mind that gets in the way, but just a sense of “this isn’t true” that appears in your body? Or maybe you enter the feeling just fine, but as soon as you look out into the world it gives way and you find yourself lamenting that the evidence is not there?

The problem is this: Often there is resistance that gets in the way—which is perfectly natural! We’re only used to what we’re used to, and the reason why something hasn’t yet manifest is not because you’re doing anything wrong; it's simply that there is some sense of resistance deep within telling you "this isn’t safe." Get this resistance out of the way, and your goal will manifest effortlessly and on its own.

And so, this calendar and goal chart helps you work directly with the resistance for each goal, dropping the limitation, fear and belief that is preventing the goal from manifesting on its own. If you make it a habit to follow this process every single day, this year will unfold faster, with more fun, and with far more ease than ever before. This is why we created this calendar.


On the last page of the calendar there is a goal chart. Open it to this page and read on.

We've given you space for four goals. We don't want you to take on too many at one time, because energy is most potent when focused. However, the beauty in this process is that as you let go of resistance surrounding these four goals, it will simultaneously impact all other goals and desires you have. So don't be surprised if you find other goals and desires dropping into your lap on their own!

Ok, so here's what you'll do. Think about this year and write your top four goals, the goals that would impact your life most. Write each goal down next to its corresponding "GOAL:" header (directly above the box for that goal).

Important: Write your goals in PRESENT TENSE. For instance—

"I have a 6-figure job that I love."

Now you're ready to begin the daily ritual. It won't take long every day, but it will produce exponential results and personal transformation!


Now that you have your goal chart filled in, this is how you'll use it every day.

Preferably first thing in the morning, open your calendar to the goal chart, and for each of your four goals follow this process:

1. State your goal statement to yourself.

2. Notice if any feelings of tension or “this isn’t true” arise in your body. Often it's subtle, so pay attention.

3. If so, identify the thought or belief attached to it, for instance “that hasn’t happened” or “I don’t know how.” Then write it down in the box below the goal on the goal chart. This will help you keep track of your progress.

4. These limiting beliefs are only caused by thinking you are separate, so shift back into seeing this thing you want as already a part of you. As you do this, let go of the limiting thought or feeling and observe the tension dissolve. This process is called Releasing. You can help this process along by asking yourself, "Could I let go of this now?" As you silently answer "yes," the thought will release. That is all that is required!

5. You are done when you can state the goal and you experience nothing but ease, lightness (feels airy and weightless), a relaxed mind and an inner knowing—this is the state in which a desire will manifest. It should feel as if you are effortlessly suspending a single thought within your spacial awareness, with a subtle and natural feeling of “this is true.”

Repeat this process for each of your four goals. It should only take a minute or two for each goal. Even a tiny bit of letting go causes an exponential result. Keep letting go of whatever comes up, over and over. Every time you do, you let a bit more of your infinite potential to shine through.

Remember: This process assists you in manifesting specific goals from the highest level of creation, through thought only. Relax and allow your goals to unfold, simply by releasing!


Once you've released on all four goals, mark an X on the day in the calendar. This will allow you to look back on progress and continue the momentum as you feel a sense of accountability to yourself to keep going. 


What’s important to realize about releasing resistance—thoughts, feelings and beliefs that counteract a desire fulfilled—is that they surface into your conscious awareness because they want to go up and out. When smoke rises through a chimney, you can allow that smoke to take its natural course and evaporate up into the sky, or suppress it back down by putting a lid over the top. The first option is effortless, because that is what the smoke wants to do; the second option creates force and pressure because you’re defying the laws of nature. Your resistance is no different!

The thoughts, feelings and beliefs that come up as resistance are nothing more than unresolved patterns that were trapped and stored from past experience. These experiences remain trapped in your nervous system, silently taking up a little bit of energy. Imagine how much is going on in your nervous system after decades of trapped experience! We often don’t realize it until we step out of our comfort zone and pursue goals that are uncomfortable or unknown.

As you work on your goals, these suppressed stories will come back up to the surface, wanting to be freed, so that your nervous system can be restored back into balance. You are literally working with your energy system, clearing out your body consciousness, purifying and restoring your consciousness.

There are many ways to approach this stored energy, such as revision, shadow work, etc, but the easiest and most rapid is often simple releasing. This is because, as stated above, these feelings want to come up and out, and they will on their own as long as we don’t hang on to them! So this process of releasing is simply getting out of the way so that this stored energy can do its thing and release for good. It’s a permanent process—don’t be put off by its simplicity!

As you release on your goals, you are systematically returning yourself to your base state of awareness—your highest, most pure, and most potent level of consciousness. Hiding within this resistance are your stories of limitation and separation, and so by releasing them (by letting go of the feeling) you are returning yourself to your natural state of oneness and infinite potential. What you might find is that the more you do this, the more you experience love, wholeness and oneness with all—it’s not an additive process, but rather a subtractive process, stripping away the garbage so you can exist more freely as your natural, limitless Self, the Self that is one with All.

Goals WILL manifest on their own when you have no resistance to them! This is when a goal feels natural, and is what Neville Goddard meant when he said:

“The time it takes your assumption to become fact, your desire to be fulfilled, is directly proportionate to the NATURALNESS of your feeling of already being what you want to be… of already having what you desire.” 

That's all it takes—now get manifesting!