You've unlocked January's reality hack


"Infinite power resides in your imagination."

It is only your sense of limitation that generates limitation. In its purest state, your imagination is infinite in its power to create. This month, work to let go of the sense of limitation as it occurs, simply by letting go. Each time you do, notice the feeling of expansion and power that arises on its own. This is your infinite Self!

Here's how to perform this Reality Hack:

1.  Feel your sense of presence. This is an aliveness, a life-force, the feeling of simply existing. You know you exist, right? How does it feel? Tap into this feeling of beingness. It is the quiet space that exists in-between thoughts and focus.

2.  Observe this feeling. Does it feel constricted? Limited? Tense? Condensed? Likely it feels tensed and closed, because this is how we live much of our lives.

3.  Now, expand this feeling outward, to infinity. Feel this sense of beingness instantly blast wide open, like a flower blossoming. Notice the difference in feeling when your energy is expanded and open like this. You feel receptive, free, limitless and full.

Repeat this throughout the day, especially when you feel limited or stressed. Keep doing it over and over. The effect is instant, but the result is exponential.

The more you remain in this open, limitless state, the more you will be receptive to the infinite powers and intelligence of the universe. You will literally be channeling infinite potential through yourself.


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