The Impossible Switch

"You have the power to influence anything to happen."

What do you believe is possible? What do you believe is impossible? This month is all about reminding yourself this: all impossibles, no matter how impossible, immediately become possible when you realize that consciousness is the only reality. Make this month’s focus finding and letting go of what you believe is impossible—what you’ll find is, immediately underneath “impossible” is “possible”!

Here's how to perform this Reality Hack:

1.  Think of something you feel is currently impossible for you to have or accomplish. Got it? Move on...

2.  Tune into this feeling of "it is impossible." Feel it fully.

3.  Ask yourself, "Could I let go of this thing being impossible?" As you ask yourself, welcome and allow the feeling to dissolve.

4.  Notice that when there is no sense of "impossible," what remains is possibility. Embody and enjoy this quiet, still and empowering feeling of pure possibility. 

This Reality Hacker gets you to notice that BEHIND all feeling of impossibility is pure possibility, pure potential. What does this mean? What is the significance of this? The significance is that your natural state is pure, limitless potential—it is only your thinking that conditions it into limitation.

By performing this Reality Hack whenever the feeling of limitation or impossibility arises (simply letting it go to reveal the feeling of pure potential underneath), you will progressively recondition your consciousness to be in a state of greater and greater possibility. This will allow life to flow in more effortless and exciting ways. Enjoy! 


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