"Consciousness is the only reality."

When we struggle to manifest, it is only because we are still assigning a certain degree of power to the outside world. Notice, wherever you look, wherever you imagine, consciousness already is. Consciousness is omnipresent, the only reality! This month, notice where you are still believing people or circumstances have power over you. Practice bringing this sense of power back within, seeing these as nothing more than reflections of consciousness.

Here's how to perform this Reality Hack:

1.  Consciousness Mapping is a technique of re-mapping your consciousness to higher and more expanded levels of oneness and power. The first step is to notice an area of your life where you are still seeing separation. This is often signaled by the belief that something has power or influence over you.

2.  Now, dive into the sense of separation. How does it feel? Notice that this sense is a mental construct—within your consciousness you are identifying two objects (yourself and the other person, object or circumstance), and calling them separate from one another.

3.  What happens when you remove this mental structure of separation? What happens when you remove the thought and feeling of, "this is separate from me"? How does it feel? Doesn't it instantly feel like you are "one" with the thing? Doesn't it instantly feel like you are greater than this thing? That you have power over this thing? That it is a mere reflection of consciousness?

4.  Release the feeling of separation and move on to the next area of your life. Continue this process until you feel a greater sense of oneness, love, bliss and power over your life.

What's important to understand is that we really only struggle with goals and desires when we feel they are separate from us. But when we examine this sense of separation, we will find that it's only a construct in the mind; remove the thought of separation, and separation dissolves! It was only an illusion!

Systematically re-mapping your consciousness to dissolve the sense of separation and "outside" power will rapidly unleash transcendent change throughout your life. The more you feel one with the world and all within, the more your life will effortlessly flow and things will just seem to fall into place. This is the focus of this month!


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