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"To think from the end; to enact the end, is to create reality."

“We must actually be, in imagination. It is one thing to think of the end, and another thing to think from the end. To think from the end; to enact the end, is to create reality. The inner actions must correspond to the actions we would physically perform "after these things should be." —Neville Goddard

Here's how to perform this Reality Hack:

1.  Think of a desire you would like to play with.

2.  Sit down, close your eyes, and imagine you are the version of yourself with this desire already in his/her life.

3.  As you feel yourself to be this person, think about different (related and unrelated) aspects of your life—how you wake up, what your routine is, how you shop for groceries, how you interact with people, and so on. Notice how when thinking from this desire, you view your life differently.

4.  Do this exercise for 5-10 minutes. When you open your eyes notice what's different about how you feel.

We often only remain in the realm of thinking "of" our desires, which keeps us anchored to our existing life circumstances.

When we make the shift to thinking from, change is ignited on all levels of reality. We think differently, we feel differently, we act differently, the world responds differently, opportunities arise differently, and so on.

Practicing thinking from is a powerful exercise is not only slowing down to notice the changes different states of consciousness make, but also in deliberate, conscious creation. Once you see the difference, the way you create your reality will never be the same!

Make thinking from a daily practice this month and see what happens. You might be surprised!


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