A groundswell is upon us. NFTs and cryptocurrency are changing lives and industries. Millionaires are made every day. The biggest companies, investors and leaders are investing incredible amounts into this new technology. They understand the future is upon us, and those who jump onboard will prosper like never before.

The world is changing—let's explore what what this means for you.


An NFT is a digital object—some computer code and data—that conveys ownership of something. The property could be online, like digital art or a special outfit in a video game. It might also be something real—actual real estate, a painting, or seat at a concert. What's most important is that ownership is saved in the blockchain, which is the engine that powers cryptocurrency, and what makes NFTs so secure and valuable.

NFTs are still in a very early stage. Most NFTs on the market are based on digital art. Even at this early stage, NFTs are generating unprecedented value and income—a viral video sold this year as an NFT for $760,999, artist Beeple sold a piece of art as an NFT for $69.3 million, and an art collection called CryptoPunks is selling for millions per NFT:

This is just a small sample of the millions in purchases and sales that are happening daily. While impressive, all of this is still the very beginning. Under the surface, NFT technology is creating a revolution in just about every industry you can imagine. Along with cryptocurrency, it's empowering global change, and those who are early adopters have the potential to unlock wealth on a level that was never possible before. Let's explore.


The biggest companies on the planet are beginning to recognize the future of the internet based on NFTs. Facebook recently announced their shift into a new vision, Meta, where NFTs will be a central feature. They are spending billions per year on this. Twitter will soon begin integrating NFTs as digital fingerprints among users. The trends we are seeing in investment into NFT and related technology (like cryptocurrency) are now mirroring the early days of the internet. This is the next evolution.

As the internet evolves, NFTs will be at the core, because they allow users to own a piece of their experience. Until now, anything you post online can be stolen, and is often immediately owned by the platform you post on. With NFT technology you are able to own what you do online, and even trade and sell it with others.

Imagine owning a piece of Facebook before it became what it is today. Let's say you posted something on your Facebook profile, and as the company grew in value so did your posts and creations. Just by being active on the platform you are now increasing your wealth, which can be cashed out into actual money. Wouldn't that be incredible?

This is the future of the internet. Except it's happening now. Early adopters are seeing the potential and need for this shift. The days of not owning our online identity are ending, and a new age of earning wealth as you accomplish your daily life is quickly coming into form. This is the vision of Reality Hacker.

Watch this 20-minute video to learn more about NFTs and their potential:


As we look toward the future, we see a massive opportunity to further our mission to unlock higher consciousness, wellbeing and financial freedom in as many individuals as possible. Here's how this is taking shape.

We are building the first personal development NFT technology and Metaverse, designed to bring financial freedom to those who participate. Imagine earning actual money for bettering yourself. Imagine your life turning into a game, where every level up is rewarded. Imagine unlocking financial freedom just by doing what you love. This is what we are building.

Our Codebreakers NFT collection is the first step in this direction. By owning and participating in the collection, you will have the ability to ride this new wave of growth and abundance along with us. As we grow and prosper, we want you to do the same. We're in this together.

It may still seem unclear how this relates to you, or what an NFT even is, which is why we're reaching out our hand and saying, "come aboard." We believe this to be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. If you don't want to miss out, we'd love for you to come along for the ride.

Below is our high-level roadmap for the next phase of our vision:

Q1 2022

• Hold our first launch event
• Launch our first NFT collection, Codebreakers
• Hold giveaway for a Tesla car, cash prizes and more (upon sell out of collection)
• Launch beta of our new Reality Hacker OS app to All Access bundle and NFT holders

Q2-Q4 2022

• Public launch of Reality Hacker OS app
• Launch our RealityToken cryptocurrency (at a discount to All Access bundle and NFT holders)
• Integrate RealityToken into app for crypto rewards for completing tasks, quests, etc.
• Initiate partnerships with fitness and wellbeing products for integration with our app and currency
• Initiate partnerships with influencers and leaders to become a catalyst of rapid growth
• Launch our second NFT collection, which will be integrated into our app and able to be sold and traded through our marketplace
• Begin development of the second phase for our app, which includes augmented reality, metaverse and more

Into The Future

• Continue launching new NFT collections, events and exclusive experiences
• Launch product integrations for earning currency and financial freedom while you improve yourself
• Launch our education platform for next-level personal development and wealth creation
• Launch augmented reality and metaverse
And more (there's infinite potential!)...


Join the revolution. Get your Codebreaker today.

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