verb  ·  The process of designing and manifesting your desired qualities of life on the source code level of reality.


If we were to look at the contents of one's life in totality, all appearances and conditions could be mapped back to previous states of consciousness. These states, which we call Frames, are self-contained cross-sections of the infinite field of possibility, activated through the focusing of consciousness.

While every area of life has its own set of Frames (based on past experience), collectively these Frames also interact with one another, together composing a unified mental landscape. For instance, how you feel about your finances affects how you feel about your sense of confidence, how you feel about your sense of confidence affects how you perform in social environments, and so on. All is connected as a singular fabric of consciousness, unique for every individual.

In its totality, these past Frames can be likened to a map, which we call the Consciousness Map—which is, essentially, all that you are giving life to in consciousness. This map contains the full spectrum of memories that define your outlook on the world, for all areas of life. 

We only know what we know, believe what we believe, and expect what we expect out of life based on past experiences we've stored in our Consciousness Map. Not all experiences are parsed and saved, however the experiences that are saved are then cataloged into the appropriate region of our Consciousness Map.

Most people operate from their Consciousness Map unknowingly; for a vast majority of people, even the existence of a unique mental landscape goes unnoticed. They live moment to moment driven and victimized by thoughts and feelings, believing their point of view to be the only true perspective, accepting the experiences they have been given as solid and unchanging.

The Reality Hacker understands that we each have our own unique Consciousness Map, and that although it is what generates our life experience, it is not who we really are—who we really are is the awareness-consciousness behind it, giving life to it. Thus, any aspect of our Consciousness Map can be changed, modified and hacked, and doing so modulates reality into a new quality and form.

This is the power of Consciousness Mapping; it allows us to first understand exactly what we are giving life to, see how we are giving life to it, and then design precisely the life we want to manifest instead.


As described above, Consciousness Mapping is how we naturally generate the reality we experience. It's simply a way we can conceptualize our life qualities as a whole, and begin to redefine the areas we would like to change. Before we get into how to design a Consciousness Map, let's first look at how we naturally use it in our daily lives.
Just like a topographical map, a Consciousness Map has coordinates—mental coordinates that one enters according to the Framing that is most relevant at any given moment. As we encounter experiences in the outside world, we look for Frames within our Consciousness Map that might help us apply meaning and determine the response that best protects and supports us.

For instance, say you cross paths with a lion—referencing your Consciousness Map, you remember that lions are potentially dangerous, and thus your mental coordinates move (re-frame) into acting from a place of surviving from that potential danger.

Or, something perhaps more relatable to daily life, say you are at the store picking up some groceries. The cashier rings up your total and you reach into your pocket or purse to pull out your wallet—referencing your Consciousness Map, you remember your bank account balance is lower than what would be comfortable, and thus your mental coordinates move into a Frame and feeling of lack.

While Consciousness Maps are regional according to life area, they are also multi-dimensional. Layers of belief form the dynamic topography of our unique map, just like the layers of earth that form the mountains and valleys on our planet. After all, sacred geometry shows that nature mimics nature, as patterns fractalize and mirror throughout all levels of God's creation.

Let's look at an example: one might believe that in order to achieve the life they want they must stay at the job they hate, with the boss they loathe. This belief alone is its own Frame of reality; however, if we look deeper we find several dimensions supporting the weight of this Frame—that one must work hard in order to survive, that one must work at all in order to survive, and perhaps that we are not innately abundant in nature. 

Working back up, the most root layer within this Consciousness Map example is that we are not innately abundant in nature. Because of this layer, endless other layers arise. We can work to change each superficial Frame, or we can go straight to the root-level, change that, and all other layers it was supporting will fall away. This is the power of Consciousness Mapping.


For most of us, our Consciousness Map is chaotic with Frames "gifted" by society and family. Throughout the day we are bombarded with thousands of thoughts, desires, wishes, hopes and displeasures. All of these thought forms are derived from various regions of our Consciousness Map, and therefore in order to shift and transform our life into the qualities we desire it to become we must purify our mental landscape.

When a Consciousness Map is purified, the mind is clear, quiet and peaceful, and thoughts are potent and purposeful. Because all qualities of our life are generated by the Frames we hold in consciousness, a clear and purified consciousness naturally and effortlessly manifest a life and reality of progress, peace, fulfillment and bliss.

If we would only think thoughts that support the existence of what we desire, we would only have those qualities present in our life. Struggle, strife and suffering only come from a chaotic and undisciplined mental landscape. Therefore, the process of clearing, purifying and designing your Consciousness Map automatically and effortlessly shifts your life into what you desire it to become.


As the Reality Hacker builds the model of their unique Consciousness Map, it is immediately apparent what areas are ripe for change. Through this process, we can identify the root-level layers, modify those, and begin hacking them into reality. This is a multi-step process, but there is no other process like it; Consciousness Mapping goes directly to the root source code of reality, hacks it, and generates rapid, effortless and irreversible change.

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