If you followed the process on the previous page, you identified a few beliefs that are blocking your desires from manifesting. It's important to remember that no matter what manifesting techniques you try, if you do not address these underlying beliefs they will not work! 

The challenge is, changing beliefs is hard, especially if the belief is a longstanding one. So we sought a better way, and discovered this—changing beliefs is hard, but transcending beliefs is easy!

When you try to change or reprogram a belief, your mind will almost always fight back. It'll say you have evidence to the contrary. It'll remind you of all the memories that reinforce the old belief. You'll struggle and try to force yourself to believe something new. You'll find yourself in the same cycle of effort and frustration as before.

On the other hand, we discovered that the more you embody your "higher self" (your limitless nature), the more limiting beliefs fall away on their own. In one fell swoop, you can transcend all limitation. Imagine how much easier this would be than trying to change one limiting belief at a time!

The result? As limiting beliefs fall away, what you've been trying so hard to manifest actually starts manifesting on its own. It's like unblocking a hose and suddenly the water starts rushing out. This is how effortless life is meant to be—no method or technique required!

So how do you embody your higher self / limitless nature?


Did you know there's a part of you that you can connect with right now, that completely transcends time, space and limitation? And did you know that if you live from this part of you, it gives you powers beyond what the physical body can do? This part of you exists, and it's your higher self.

Your higher self is available to you at any time. The only problem is, you haven't been taught to connect with it. What we discovered is that all it takes is to start looking in the right direction, and anyone can experience this for themselves. And as you experience it, you embody it.

This is where the fun begins. As you embody this limitless part of you:

  • You begin to feel completely limitless and free
  • You discover there is nothing you cannot do, be or have
  • You find that anything you desire is a simple thought away
  • You realize all that effort and technique was unnecessary
  • You experience time and space in a whole new way
  • You feel a sense of joy and peace like you've never felt before

All this happens effortlessly as a result of embodying your higher self. It's so much easier than trying to change or reprogram beliefs!

So how do you do this?


To make the process simple we created the I Am Experience. It's a set of 45 experiments that get you to embody your limitless nature, easily eliminate everything that is holding you back, and experience how quickly, effortlessly, and consistently you can manifest what you desire.

We created this for those who are tired of endless, repetitive technique that only works part of the time. Our process works by guiding you into full embodiment of your limitless nature. As this happens, you discover how effortless the life you want can unfold—and you never have to worry about technique again.

So when it comes to getting unstuck, you have two options: a) continue trying to force all those repetitive techniques to work, or b) finally transcend all limitation and start seeing the life you want unfold on its own. The choice is yours...

If you're ready to transcend everything that is holding you back, the I Am Experience will get you there. In fact, it'll likely take years off your journey. Learn more below...


Quickly eliminate all blocks and awaken your ability to manifest anything with ease.

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