For the rest of September we are giving you big savings on our manifesting games & experiences.

The "Abundance Games" Bundle

This bundle combines our most popular game pack, The Abundance Pack, with the Reality Hacker OS "choose your own adventure" manifesting journal. Together these two products give you endless ways to turn your entire world into an immersive manifesting and law of attraction game adventure. As you play your life like a game, you will find yourself effortlessly manifesting abundance in all areas of your life. 

$61  $34   You save $27!

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The "Adventure Games" Bundle

This bundle supercharges your life with three law of attraction game packs—The Abundance Pack, The Success Pack, and The Love & Relationships Pack. You get over 60 law of attraction games that help you effortlessly manifest more abundance, success, and love. If you've been looking to improve your money game, or accelerate your success, attract that certain someone into your life, or improve your existing relationship, this bundle is for you. Also includes a Reality Hacker OS "choose your own adventure" manifesting journal.

$119  $79   You save $40!

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The "Manifesting Tune-Up" Bundle

Accelerate your manifesting with a "manifesting tune-up." This bundle gets you our personalized Blockage Diagnosis and Manifestation Plan, along with a Reality Hacker OS "choose your own adventure" manifesting journal. With our Blockage Diagnosis, we work with you to diagnose where you are stuck or blocked in your manifesting (we all have blockages). We then create for you a completely personalized Manifestation Plan that gives you a simple framework, designed around you, to manifest your unique vision. A highly personalized bundle that will get you unblocked and manifesting like you've never manifested before.

$181  $108   You save $73!

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The "All In" Bundle

Get every transformational product we have at a price that will knock your socks off. Never before have we created a bundle that packs so much fun, transformation, and manifesting potential in one place. In this bundle you get our total-transformation program, the I Am Experience, a Reality Hacker OS "choose your own adventure" manifesting journal, our personalized manifesting Blockage Diagnosis & Manifestation Plan, and every game pack and law of attraction adventure framework we have.

$1,353  $997    You save $356!

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