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When it comes to transformation, everyone has their own pace. Sometimes our students will complete the 45 day journey and feel like they've gotten what they came for, other times they need to take another pass in order to fully integrate what they have learned. This is the best thing you can do!

The concepts you've explored throughout the 45 days are profound. They question just about everything you have learned about the world and how it works. This can take time! What you'll find is, the more you explore each experiment, the more a whole new dimension of living opens up to you. 

The students that get the most life-changing results are the ones that don't end after just 45 days. They return to past experiments. They spend more time on the lessons and worksheets that feel most relevant to where they are in their life. What we've seen in these cases is, it often takes just a little more time with the material and they begin to see their manifesting skyrocket to a whole new level. This is an exponential process, so if you stick with it, everything you've wanted will soon come rushing in.

What we would suggest everyone do is notice what area of life feels stuck. Then find the lesson that feels most relevant. Often if you just open up the course and click around you'll find yourself naturally arrive to exactly what you needed. It's also advisable that you restart from day one. We are constantly getting reports from customers that the second time around takes on a whole new level and impact. 

You're doing great!

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