The I Am Experience Integration Program

A 90-Day Program For Total Integration of I Am Experience Principles

The I Am Experience Integration Program is the perfect next step for anyone who has completed the I Am Experience 45-day course and is looking for deeper and more holistic integration of the principles.

After completing the 45-day course, many students seek to learn how to live from the blissful and effortless state of Beingness more persistently, yet find life "getting in the way." This is a common stage along the integration path, and why we created this program.

The Integration Program is highly tailored to you—we personally identify where you are blocked from expressing your true infinite potential, then work with you to release those blockages so that your natural state of Beingness is able to effortlessly, and persistently, shine forth.

As part of the program we also give you our two most advanced processes for Beingness integration. We developed these processes to assist in releasing the more stubborn beliefs and blockages from which students find themselves unable to break free. As these processes require specific training, we only share them with Integration Program participants.

At the end of our 90-day process, you will find Beingness to be your dominant state, as you watch all areas of your life flowing with ease and perfection.

What You Get

This is a 90-day program designed for total integration. Our process includes:

  • Personalized Blockage Diagnosis & Integration Plan
  • Training course with advanced integration methodology, tools and processes
  • 90 days of direct support from I Am Experience founders in our private Integration Community
  • Twice-monthly group coaching calls where we answer questions, offer coaching, and dive deeper into the I Am Experience principles than we ever do publicly
  • Total integration of consciousness, non-duality, and self-realization principles into a practical framework for use with any life area, goal or vision
  • Total life transformation as Beingness becomes your dominant state

Join Today

 Begin today with a one-time tuition of $997. 

We look forward to serving you on a deeper level.

Dave Smith & Michael Gustin
Co-founders, Reality Hacker Co