My dear.

In the midst of hate,
I found there was, within me, an invincible love.

In the midst of tears,
I found there was, within me, an invincible smile.

In the midst of chaos,
I found there was, within me, an invincible calm.

I realized, through it all, that…
In the midst of winter,
I found there was,
within me,
an invincible summer.

And that makes me happy.

For it says that no matter how hard
the world pushes against me,
within me,
there's something stronger—
something better,
pushing right back.

Truly yours,
Albert Camus

What if you awoke one day completely invincible?

This winter, you will.



This winter, we bring you a limitation-shattering, soul-invigorating journaling experience that will awaken your greatest vision for this new year.

It's been a year for the history books, hasn't it? More than ever before, Camus' masterful words ring true.

Which is exactly what inspired the minds that brought you Reality Hacker OS to create a transformational journaling experience like never before.

Invincible Winter is a law of attraction and self-realization journaling experience designed to guide you in venturing deep into your own invincible inner flame, to awaken the ultimate possibility, direction and manifestation for this new year.

At the centerpiece of the experience is a special edition of our best-selling Reality Hacker OS law of attraction journal.

If you've used the Reality Hacker OS journal before, you know its "choose your own adventure" approach to law of attraction makes manifesting simple, fun and effortless (like a game).

But the Reality Hacker OS Invincible Winter Edition is different—within it contains a journey that will take you deeper into your soul, your spirit, and your great vision, than ever before.

Your Invincible Winter is the season you transform. It's the time you turn inward to reflect, to connect, and to awaken your next chapter. It's the time you become reborn, to the invincible you. And the Invincible Winter journal is there to guide you.

Join us in this special limited-time experience.


With the Invincible Winter journaling experience, you will be guided (with exclusive meditation audios) deep into your soul to awaken your greatest vision for 2021 to emerge. With clarity. With certainty. And with total flow and ease.


The Void

The experience begins with a guided approach to deep self-inquiry, connecting with the invincible soul in all of us.


The Awakening

Once connection is established, you are guided in awakening your unique soul-driven vision for this upcoming year.


The Emergence

As your vision awakens, you are given clear steps to stimulate its emergence for effortless manifestation in this coming year.


The Invincible Winter snowflake mandala is an element featured throughout the journal and collection, selected because of its multi-dimensional symbolism. As a snowflake, it represents the fractal nature of growth and emergence. Snowflakes are symbolic of winter, which spiritually is a time of silence, reflection and rebirth. And at the center of this mandala is the eternal eye, which symbolizes the process of awakening to our true, infinite nature.

Making this a mandala (a geometric pattern that represents the cosmos metaphysically or symbolically), you encode your winter season to become a metaphysical awakening to next year's most aligned and soul-driven vision. This winter, your greatest vision comes to life. Welcome to a whole new level of New Year's resolution.


All Invincible Winter journal bundles come with a limited-edition bonus, Invincible Resolutions. This gives you a law of attraction and consciousness-based framework to avoid common New Year's Resolution pitfalls, so that you are able to effortlessly stick to your resolutions this year. This way, you'll have all the tools you need to manifest your greatest 2021 vision.



The Invincible Winter collection features special-edition bundles designed to awaken your greatest vision in 2021. Select the bundle below that is the best fit for you.

The Invincible Winter Journal Bundle

A special edition of our best-selling Reality Hacker OS journal, which features our core manifesting framework (over 20 manifesting Quests) along with the Invincible Winter transformational journey. A law of attraction and self-realization journaling experience designed to guide you in venturing deep into your own invincible inner flame, to awaken the ultimate possibility, direction and manifestation for this new year.

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The Invincible Winter Mastery Bundle

Includes limited-edition bonus collectible!

If you're looking to master your ability to manifest your life vision, this bundle is for you. This bundle gets you our Invincible Winter manifesting experience along with our 45-day I Am Experience manifesting-mastery program, which will take you on an epic journey deep into consciousness, source, manifestation and your infinite nature. This is not a bundle to take lightly—your life will never be the same!

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The Invincible Winter Total Transcendence Bundle

Our Total Transcendence bundle is unlike anything we've ever offered. This bundle gets you 3 months access to our Life Accelerator program, for daily personalized support and accountability to ensure you manifest your 2021 vision. Together we will work with you to transcend all limitation, completely dissolve everything holding you back, and keep you accountable to your goals. Also includes our manifesting-mastery program, The I Am Experience, the special-edition Invincible Winter journal (along with all available upgrades we have in our store), and more bonuses. If you want to guarantee you manifest your New Year's resolutions, this is the bundle for you. 

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In addition to our core Invincible Winter experience bundles, we are also offering limited-time apparel and accessories. Create your own bundle by purchasing $50 or more and get 10% off your entire order.

The Invincible Winter Gift Bundle

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This winter you become invincible.