Transcend all limitation.



Transcend limitation. Awaken illumination. Become invincible.

A bundle is unlike anything we've ever offered. This bundle gets you 3 months access to our Life Accelerator program, for daily personalized support and accountability to ensure you manifest your 2021 vision. Together we will work with you to transcend all limitation, completely dissolve everything holding you back, and keep you accountable to your goals. Also includes our manifesting-mastery program, The I Am Experience, as well as the special-edition Invincible Winter journal (along with all available upgrades we have in our store). If you want to guarantee you manifest your New Year's resolutions, this is the bundle for you.


The Invincible Winter Total Transcendence Bundle includes:

3-Month Access to the Reality Hacker Life Accelerator

$2,000 value

The Life Accelerator is a 3-month program that gives you daily personalized support and accountability to keep you on track and manifesting your goals and vision. Our team is highly skilled in diagnosing where you are blocked, eliminating those blockages, and optimizing your daily flow so that you grow day-to-day with consistency, ease and speed. 

This program includes daily accountability and support, weekly group coaching, weekly office hours with our team, access to a community of students as dedicated as you, our proprietary blockage diagnosis and manifestation plan, and more. This is an elite-level only suitable for those who are committed to transcending all limitation and unleashing their greatest vision.

Special Edition Reality Hacker OS Journal

$49 value

Invincible Winter is based on our best-selling Reality Hacker OS journal, the first "choose your own adventure" journal and planner for the law of attraction. It's an operating system for your manifesting—each day you will choose what you want to manifest, then be guided in manifesting it with ease, speed and magic. It's time to play your own game.

Included in the Invincible Winter journal is everything you get with the Reality Hacker OS classic—a 180+ page journal, "Fail-proof Manifesting" course, entry into our monthly community manifesting games, and other bonuses.

The Invincible Winter Experience

$19 value

New to the journal is the Invincible Winter Experience, a limitation-shattering, soul-invigorating journaling experience that will awaken your greatest vision for this new year. The experience combines meditation (with included meditation audios), journaling, and experimentation to take you deep into your soul, tap into your invincible self, and unleash flow and purpose like never before. The 2021 vision that awakens through this experience will be soul-aligned, divinely inspired, and full of ease and flow. This is the perfect way to start the new year.

All Reality Hacker OS Journal Upgrades

$130 value

Our Reality Hacker OS journal allows for endless ways to upgrade and expand your experience. In our Upgrade Store, we offer several journal add-ons, including game packs for manifesting abundance, success and love, frameworks for hacking habits and turning productivity into a game, and more. The Total Transcendence bundle includes all upgrades currently available in the Reality Hacker OS Upgrade Store.

Digital Download

The I Am Experience Total-Transformation Program

$229 value

The I Am Experience is a transformational 45-day journey into source, infinity, manifestation and more. Through daily do-it-yourself law of attraction experiments, you will discover how infinite you truly are and unlock the ability to effortlessly manifest anything you desire. As you adventure through the 45 days, you will find yourself with more peace, presence and ease than ever before, as you find your sense of limitation dissolving before your eyes. This is a hands-on experience that will change your life forever.

Comes with physical book, "journey" card deck, online course, mastermind community access, and a complimentary welcome call with our team.

Bonus! Collectible 12" x 18" Poem Poster

$49 value

This bundle comes with our limited-edition collectible poster featuring the poem that inspired this collection—Invincible Summer by Albert Camus. This beautiful high-quality art print is 12" x 18" and only available in this collection. You will treasure this collectible hanging on your wall. Click here to see a larger preview of the poster.

Bonus! Invincible Resolutions

$19 value

All Invincible Winter journal bundles come with a limited-edition bonus, Invincible Resolutions. This gives you a law of attraction and consciousness-based framework to avoid common New Year's Resolution pitfalls, so that you are able to effortlessly stick to your resolutions this year. This way, you'll have all the tools you need to manifest your greatest 2021 vision.

Digital Download

Bonus! Monthly Manifesting Mastermind Call


Also included with your purchase is lifetime access to our monthly Manifesting Mastermind call, where we discuss manifesting, consciousness, goal achievement and more. We will keep you accountable, on track, and succeeding with your desires. A priceless bonus to your purchase that is only available for a limited time.

$2,495 Value  Today Just $1,111

Only available while supplies last!


$2,495  $1,111   You save $1,384!

Special edition Invincible Winter bundle.

What You Get:

  • 3-month membership in our Life Accelerator program, which gives you daily personalized support and accountability, weekly group coaching, and more
  • Special edition of our best-selling Reality Hacker OS "choose your own adventure" manifesting journal
  • The Invincible Winter Experience (included in the journal)
  • All Reality Hacker OS manifesting game packs, add-on frameworks and upgrades
  • The I Am Experience 45-day manifesting-mastery program
  • BONUS: Collectible 12" x 18" Poem Poster
  • BONUS: Invincible Resolutions framework (digital download)
  • BONUS: Monthly Manifesting Mastermind call
  • A journey deep into consciousness, source, manifestation and your infinite nature
  • The ability to effortlessly manifest anything you desire, without relying on force, action or effort


Buy With Classic Journal For $1,111 Buy With Spiral Journal For $1,111


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$2,495  Today Just $1,111   You save $1,384!

Transcend all limitation and unleash true freedom with this incredible bundle.

Buy With Classic Journal For $1,111 Buy With Spiral Journal For $1,111


The Invincible Winter Journal Bundle

Get the journal and Invincible Winter experience. A law of attraction and self-realization journaling experience that will take you deeper than ever before.


The Invincible Winter Mastery Bundle

If you're looking to master your ability to manifest your life vision, this bundle is for you. Includes the Invincible Winter journal and I Am Experience program.