Step Into Your Most Effortless & Accelerated Life Vision

Do You Feel Destined To Live a Life So Much Greater, But Stuck With How?

What if your most effortless, accelerated and fulfilled life has already been written into the universe? What if all you have to do is just tune into it?

Imagine if you no longer had to struggle to achieve your goals, or figure out why they are not manifesting. Imagine, instead, the right goals that make your heart sing come and find you, and all you have to do is accept them. How would your life change?

This Reality Hacker Quest is a journey deep into the soul, where you are guided in tapping into your true, limitless nature, where your most effortless life is waiting to unfold. It's the journey your entire life has been building up to.

Through our gentle yet deeply transformational process, you will be guided in a framework that transcends any traditional goal-setting process out there. Through this framework, you will learn to operate from a place of pure inspiration, where goals flourish, life flows, and your true purpose and vision effortlessly awaken.

It will feel as though you have suddenly plugged into a deeper level of the universe, where the world comes alive with incredible synchronicity, ease and flow. Struggle and frustration will be a thing of the past, now replaced with a deep sense of peace and purpose. It will just feel... right. Isn't that what you've been waiting for?

We call this the Life Accelerator, and here's how it will help you awaken your greatest vision:

  • You'll be guided in our proven process for uncovering and awakening your most effortless and accelerated life vision
  • You'll free yourself from all sense of struggle, force, frustration and limitation
  • You'll learn how to transcend all fear and doubt related to your goals and vision
  • You'll learn to live from divine consciousness, source and the universal principle
  • You'll tap into the guidance and support of infinite intelligence
  • You'll awaken non-stop synchronicity and flow
  • You'll learn to transcend goal-setting and live "plugged in" to the universe for the most effortless and accelerated expression of the life you desire
  • You'll discover you never have to search or strive for what you want again

"It was so easy, the results were immediate, the support and wisdom from Dave and Michael—PRICELESS! The Life Accelerator has changed my life."



a container for your greatest awakening

This is a first-of-its-kind 120-day program designed for total awakening. Here's an overview of our process:

  • During the first 45 days, you will be guided through an intimate journey we call the I Am Experience, which will begin the process of transcending all fear, doubt, limitation and uncertainty through learning to connect with and live from deep connection with the universal principle
  • We will then personally guide you in a process of uncovering your most aligned and effortless Life Vision, the vision that you are destined to live and simply need to tap into for effortless unfoldment
  • Once your life vision is uncovered, we will work with you to complete a Personalized Blockage Diagnosis to determine what internal blockages are holding this greatest vision back from manifesting, then craft a simple plan for transcending them
  • You will then spend 90 days in our most direct and supportive integration program, where you and a small group of students on the same journey will be guided daily in total integration and awakening, through an ongoing "feedback loop" process where we optimize your results as you implement your plan
  • You'll walk away from the 120 days tuned-in, aligned and in total flow, with momentum toward your vision and a newfound sense of unshakable peace, presence, ease and fulfillment



When You're Nourished by the Right Framework, Support and Environment, You Will Blossom Into the Divine Expression of Your Greatest Vision. This Is Why We Created the Life Accelerator.

We ask that you apply for the Life Accelerator program to ensure that we are the right fit for assisting you in this intimate and life-changing process. Please follow the button below for a quick questionnaire, and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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We look forward to serving you on a deeper level.

Dave Smith & Michael Gustin
Co-founders, Reality Hacker Co