What if You Had a Manifesting Journal Custom-Designed for Your Unique Goals, Desires & Blockages?

You are unique. Your goals and desires are unique. Your strengths and weaknesses are unique. So naturally, how you approach your daily manifesting practice should also be unique.

Which is why we want to personalize your Reality Hacker OS journal for you.

Our one-of-a-kind process laser-targets your unique goals, desires, strengths and weaknesses, and turns this data into a journal-based manifesting plan personalized for you.

Your personalized plan will tell you:

  • Where you are blocking your manifesting (we all have hidden blockages)
  • How to eliminate these blockages so manifesting becomes effortless 
  • How to use your journal to manifest your unique goals & desires with fun & ease

With this plan, you will have a personalized "choose your own adventure" template and framework to use with your Reality Hacker OS journal. Based entirely on you.

Imagine—a journal that knows exactly what you need to do to manifest your unique goals and desires. Wouldn't that be so much more powerful than these generic methods or techniques you've tried?

Until now, this has only been available to our one-on-one clients, at a 4-5 figure cost. This is because our personalized plans are not automated, they are hand-crafted by our team. And the results have shown it works.

Together, our team has helped thousands of people manifest their goals and desires. Money, relationships, jobs, houses, freedom—our clients have manifested it all. Now we are offering this one-of-a-kind service to you, at a price that is unbeatable.

Welcome to the first manifesting journal that is designed unique to you.


Great question! The Reality Hacker OS journal comes with manifesting Quests that are generalized for the wide variety of people who purchase it. This is good, but can be better.

Our Manifestation Plan takes the nuances of your personal goals, desires and blockages, and builds them into a plan designed unique to you. This plan won't work for other people, but it will work like crazy for you.

When you design your dream house, you special order it. When you design your dream car, you special order it. So when designing your dream life, why wouldn't you also special order it?

This is the power of our Personalized Manifestation Plan. It gets hyper-detailed around you, so you manifest your dream life in the fastest, most effortless way. Something no generic journal or framework could ever provide.

"I'm astounded by the things happening with this plan. I'm just ecstatic!"



Unlock effortless and accelerated manifesting of your life vision that only a personalized plan can provide:

Personalized To You

Our team gets personal with your unique goals, desires, strengths and weaknesses, and designs a custom plan built around you. Exactly what you need, nothing more.

Simple Process

Complexity doesn't work. We keep it simple with a clear set of actionable to-do's that you can easily perform every day, with consistency (using your Reality Hacker OS journal).

Get Unstuck

Most people don't see the results they are looking for because hidden blocks are keeping them stuck. We laser-target your blocks and make it easy to release them.

Proven Process

We've mentored thousands of people in their manifesting. Because of this, we've discovered patterns of why people succeed, and turned it into a science that we can reproduce for anyone.

Reality Hacker OS – Personalized Manifestation Plan
Reality Hacker OS – Personalized Manifestation Plan


$79  $49  with discount code

Personalize your Reality Hacker OS journal experience with our first-of-its-kind, completely custom Manifestation Plan designed around your unique goals, desires, strengths and weaknesses.

What You Get:

  • Our proprietary Blockage Diagnosis that detects the exact blockages that are holding you back from manifesting your unique goals and desires
  • A completely personalized Manifestation Plan (hand-crafted by our team) to use daily with your Reality Hacker OS journal for effortless manifesting and blockage elimination
  • Training course on how to use your plan, as well as how to detect and eliminate any hidden blockages in the future
  • Effortless and accelerated manifesting of your life vision that only a personalized plan can provide

$49 with discount code—enter at checkout



Armed with the Reality Hacker OS journal and Personalized Manifestation Plan, you will be unstoppable. Here's what you get:

Personalized Blockage Diagnosis

To design an effective plan, first we must diagnose where you are at and why you haven't manifested your goals and desires already (this is what most methods miss!). Our proprietary process dives deep to learn your unique goals, desires, strengths and weaknesses, then extracts the specific blockages that are holding you back. You get a formal and data-driven diagnosis of our findings.

Personalized Manifestation Plan

Once we have completed your Blockage Diagnosis (where we learn your unique goals, desires, strengths, weaknesses and blockages), our team gets to work. We will design your Personalized Manifestation Plan by hand, crafting it according to your unique data. This is a highly-tuned, scientific process, and gives you a simple template to eliminate your blocks and manifest your goals with ease and effortlessness (takes just 5-10 minutes per day).

Quick Start Training

To be sure the plan is fail-proof for you, we also include a Quick Start Training that walks you through your plan and gives you the understanding you need to succeed. Training only takes 10-15 minutes to complete.

A Formula to Use For The Rest of Your Life

As we grow, new blockages can come to the surface (some people call this an "Upper Limit"). But we don't want you to have to continue hiring us to create personalized plans. So we decided to give away all of our secrets, and train you on our process so that you can instantly identify and eliminate any future block that arises. This will give you the formula for success you can use for the rest of your life.

Get Direct Coaching With Our Team

Once you receive your plan, you have the option of purchasing a coaching and implementation call, where you can discuss your plan and work through deep blockages together. These calls are highly personalized, transformational, and offered at a price that is extremely affordable.

Not everyone wants a call, so we offer it as an add-on to make this package as affordable as possible.

$49 with discount code—enter at checkout


Our Blockage Diagnosis and Manifestation Plan is designed to get results from the very beginning. See what our customers are saying about the experience:

Please note: the coaching call mentioned is available as an upgrade


Our products and experiences consistently receive 5-star reviews and success stories from our customers. We put love, care and a true passion for results into everything we do.

And many, many more...


$79  $49  with discount code

Get a hand-crafted Blockage Diagnosis and Manifestation Plan, personalized to you.

$49 with discount code—enter at checkout





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