Welcome to Part 1 of the Get Past Your Manifesting Plateau training series.

The Plateau is a wonderful place to be.

It's a monumental milestone of this journey...

Because it signals the beginning of a profound transformation.

It means you've studied the law of attraction...

You've seen results...

But you're ready for the next big leap in consciousness...

To unlock realms of manifestation like never before.

I'm beyond excited to share the next few lessons with you.

Having gone through The Plateau myself, I'm confident this will change everything for you.

Alright, let's get started!

Transcending The Plateau, Part 1

You can think of the The Plateau as a threshold.

All the studying you have done up to this point has expanded your thinking,

It's taught you a new way of living...

But now you find yourself standing at this threshold.

You can feel that there's something more, something deeper...

But aren't sure where to find it, or how to experience it.

Often this threshold is marked by inconsistency...

You can get yourself into the vibration, state or flow...

But easily fall out of it...

Or feel like you have to always work to stay in it.

You can get manifesting results...

But don't always feel you're nailing it.

Here's why:

You're standing on the threshold between intellect and embodiment.

Intellectual growth is a critical first step...

But it will only take you so far.

So to unlock the consistency, the depth, the expansion, the flow, the higher states and dimensions of consciousness that you are looking for...

You must step into embodiment.

You must begin to embody what you have learned.

Embodiment is stepping into the teachings, and living them firsthand.

Embodiment is mastery.

However, even if this is realized, it becomes clear very quickly that no one really teaches how to do this.

They teach you what, but not really how.

No one really teaches how to put it all together.

Which is why I had to discover it for myself, and why I'm here sharing it with you.

(And is the topic of our next lesson)

Once embodiment happens, you begin to experience the world from a whole new level.

Spiritual and mystical flow is unleashed like never before.

New realms of experience open for you.

You transcend all technique, and begin to experience how life manifests for you.

This is what you can look forward to as you move into the age of embodiment.

So what's your next step? How do you make this shift?

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