verb  ·  The act of exploring and manipulating the underlying source code of reality, in order to produce desired changes in one's life.


Have you ever felt like there's something missing? Questioned that there must be a better way? Wondered what is the purpose of it all? Or sensed that there must be something more? These are the questions we seek to answer as Reality Hackers.

Often we go through life feeling like we're haphazardly exerting action and effort, at best producing inconsistent and unpredictable results. Year after year we chase our goals and desires, pursue what we think will make us to feel fulfilled, yet the closer we get the further we often find we are. Inevitably, there is a turning point we all experience in this cycle when we can't help but stop and consider that there must be something more. This moment is the seed of awakening as a Reality Hacker.

The Reality Hacker seeks to understand the structural nature of reality, to discover the truth of who and what we really are, and to reveal and wield the source code of physical manifestation. Through this process of self-discovery, fulfillment, joy and wellbeing are found to be innate qualities of Self, and the manifestation of goals and desires self-generative. Thus, the Reality Hacker is able to escape the cycles of struggle and stagnation and lead a progressive and ever-deepening lifestyle.


The Reality Hacker operates by three tenets of self-discovery: to know thyself (gain a deeper understanding of one's true nature), to know thy place (how one relates to the world), and to know thy power (the level of influence one has over their experiential reality).

At the core of the Reality Hacker ethos is to question everything. Realizing that self-inquiry and experimentation is the only viable method of discovering truth for oneself (because the truth of others is tainted by their subjective experience), the Reality Hacker questions and experiments with their own reality in a scientific, methodical and systematic way.

The Reality Hacker will seek to prove, "break" or transcend belief systems, biological and mental capacities, environmental and circumstantial conditions, and more. This is the great fun and rewarding nature of Reality Hacking—there are no limits to the boundaries we are able to test and transcend.

As conventional perspectives of reality are challenged, illusion begins to break down and only one primordial substance remains as the constant substratum of all form—consciousness. Thus, consciousness is proven to be the true source substance (in cause and effect) of physical reality, the focus of which being the programmatic language of manifestation.

As consciousness is proven to be the underlying reality, the world around us is then understood as an illusion, a fluid data sphere of echoing thought forms. It is then discovered that who we really are is infinite awareness-consciousness itself, and therefore our body, the world and all experience occur within us. 

And this is where Reality Hacking really gets fun—when the doors of understanding hurl wide open to reveal the unmistakable and blissfully incomprehensible perception of the infinite. From here, the life of the Reality Hacker becomes a riveting and fulfilling adventure of exploration, creation and peaceful union with All.


We are quite familiar with the three dimensions of the world—length, width and height; however, when dissecting and defining the structural nature of reality, there is a fourth dimension that must be considered.

Length, width and height are effective dimensions for measurement of a static reality. However, we do not live in a static reality; if there is one quality we can confidently assign as a constant, it would be change. The world and all of perceivable reality is in a constant state of change—no object or experience can be perceived without a measurable beginning, middle and end.

Thus, a structural picture of reality would not be complete without the fourth dimension of change. Further, what quality is necessary for change to exist? Time. Change and time are synonymous as the fourth dimension of measurable reality.

Now that we have defined the four dimensions of reality, let's look at their anatomy. Imagine a three-dimensional globe in front of you—composed of length, width and height. If you were to take a cross-section of that globe, cutting it down to two dimensions, you would have a surface of just width and height. Cross-section that surface one step further, cutting it down to one dimension, and you would have a line. Simple geometry, right?

Let's take this the opposite direction. A line is a cross-section of a two-dimensional surface, and a surface is a cross-section of a three-dimensional object. What then, would a three-dimensional object be a cross-section of? It would only be logical that a three-dimensional object is a cross-section of change-time, as all three dimensions are subject to change.

It is easy to visualize a three-dimensional object in its totality. How then, could we visualize a fourth-dimensional change-time body in its totality? The obvious answer is all change and time existent as one whole. Thus, in a fourth-dimensional reality, all change and time exists as one, inseparable body. All potentiality exists now.

The anatomy of reality is a structure of oneness. All four dimensions, including all beginnings, middles and ends, exist at once. And because change and time are both experienced internally (imagination) and externally (the world), all potentialities exists at once. The past, present and all potentials (past, present and futures) exist in the present Now, as a complete body of One.


Although we have logically proven that all potentialities exist in the present moment, this does not account for how we experience linear time. We still have distinct perceptions of all four dimensions—length, width, height and time—that play out in a linear fashion in order to produce the experience of change.

A simple analysis of timelines will yield the observation that experiences play out in consciousness before they occur in physical reality. Moment to moment, we imagine what could be, and our body (and often the world) moves to fulfill these imaginings. Although these echoes of consciousness are not always immediate, if we trace back the events of our worldly experience we will always find a movement in imagination that preceded it.

Thus, consciousness must be considered as the only true "source reality" because consciousness is always first in line for any given experience. Consciousness selects from the infinite field of potential, and physical experience (the four dimensions of reality) plays out as an echo. We call this process of selection Quantum Framing.

When a new Frame is entered, the infinite field of potential is collapsed down to a cross-section of fourth-dimensional reality. This instantaneously and automatically generates thoughts, beliefs, feelings and physical manifestations analogous to itself. In this way, physical manifestation is self-generative—once consciousness selects and enters a Frame, all expression thereafter is compulsory. Our free will only lies in how we focus consciousness.

Although time is experienced in a linear fashion, we are constantly entering and shifting Frames. We only experience fluidity of time because our mind creates a sense of continuous experience. Each moment is a discrete Frame itself, a cross-section of the total fourth-dimensional body of all potentiality. All of creation already exists in the fourth-dimensional whole, and is only activated when its particular Frame is selected. 

If we were to look at the contents of one's life in totality, all appearances and conditions could be mapped back to a previous selection of consciousness. Knowingly or unknowingly, all aspects of our physical existence were previously selected (many have said even our basic human qualities were selected pre-birth). In its totality, these past selections can be likened to a map, which we call the Consciousness Map—which is, essentially, all that you are giving life to in consciousness.

Just like a topographical map, a Consciousness Map has coordinates—mental coordinates that one enters according to the Framing that is most relevant at any given moment. For instance, say you cross paths with a lion—referencing your Consciousness Map, you remember that lions are potentially dangerous, and thus your mental coordinates move (re-frame) into acting from a place of surviving from that potential danger.

If one would completely erase their Consciousness Map, only pure awareness or Beingness would remain. This is the "I Am" state that mystics and enlightened masters have achieved throughout the ages—a primordial state of existence in which the individual drops all sense of selection and identifies only and fully with the totality of all four dimensions at once. From this perspective, because the entirety of all potentiality is identified with at once, time and space are transcended.

This is the source code of reality.


Quantum means the smallest possible discrete unit of any physical property. As we've discovered, consciousness precedes all physical appearance, and therefore all four dimensions of reality are an echo generated from a specific Framing of consciousness. Therefore, when a new Frame of consciousness is entered, it is done on the quantum level, at the smallest possible unit of existence—energetic potential. As consciousness selects from the infinite field of potential, an entire Frame of reality is activated—length, width, height and change-time.

Quantum Framing is the algorithm of reality.


Understanding now that reality exists as a fourth-dimensional body of infinite potentiality, and that experience is generated by the selection of specific potentials (Quantum Framing), the Reality Hacker can wield this in an algorithmic and predictable fashion.

The base formula of Reality Hacking is as follows:

Choose    Frame    Express

One chooses from the infinite field of potential, Frames consciousness from these coordinates, and physical reality expresses this selection. From this perspective, no external or additive action need be taken; since change is approached from the quantum and source code level, it expresses through all aspects of the mind-body-world complex, and thus all movement is effortless and self-generative. In other words, manifestation happens without our intervention.

The elegance of this formula is that it is a mirror of how all of reality is generated for a particular experiencer. This is not a new or clever manipulation of reality, it is a reverse-engineering of its very nature.

Rather than live and create unconsciously, the Reality Hacker seeks to be purposeful in every act of creation; the Consciousness Map from which we live and create is designed with intention. This is how the Reality Hacker manifests rapid and purposeful change in all areas of life.


Theory aside, Reality Hacking is an experiential science. In order to fully wield one's infinite potential, eons of belief must be disproven and dropped. Truth must be discovered and proven for oneself, and integration must happen on a holistic level.

This need not be a long and arduous process; all that is needed is the desire and dedication to live by the tenets of the Reality Hacker: to know thyself, to know thy place, and to know thy power. With this commitment to one's own truth, answers will unfold and the path will lay before you.

To learn more about how to apply these Reality Hacking principles in a simple and actionable way, see our blog. For those dedicated to the path, we also offer experiential products that guide and assist in expediting the journey.


Reality Hacking
The act of exploring and manipulating the underlying source code of reality, in order to produce desired changes in one's life.

Quantum Framing
The natural process we use to generate reality; consciousness selects from the infinite field of potential, and physical experience plays out as an echo.

A single cross-section of fourth-dimensional reality, a state of consciousness that produces particular thoughts, beliefs, feelings and physical manifestations analogous to itself.

Consciousness Map
The totality of all Frames you are consenting to and thus giving life to in your reality.  Learn More

Mental Coordinates 
Within your Consciousness Map, you shift mental positioning as you enter and exit Frames of consciousness. Each Frame is a different perspective, and thus can be likened to coordinates on a map.


What about frequency and vibration?
Frequency and vibration are physical expressions. From the perspective of Reality Hacking and the anatomical structure of reality, a change in frequency and vibration occurs after one enters a particular Frame of consciousness. Thus, frequency and vibration are one layer or step above Quantum Framing, which is at the root of manifestation. While frequency and vibration are great indicators of Frame or state, Reality Hackers seek to pierce reality at the root-level, and thus focus on Quantum Framing.

Does Reality Hacking work for all areas of life?
Yes, because Reality Hacking operates on the root level of creation, mirroring how all of reality is generated by a particular experiencer. This not only holds true for relationships, finance and success, but for all micro and macro aspects of life. As we are all one, many aspects of life are upheld through consensus, meaning we as one primordial consciousness expressing common Frames of experience like the human body, gravity, sun and moon cycles, etc. These can be considered Meta Frames, and although they are more seemingly rigid than our Frames of daily choice, can also be transcended.

I understand the theory, but how do I actually use Quantum Framing to achieve desired changes in my life?
Quantum Framing is a practice. To learn more about how to apply it and other Reality Hacking principles in a simple and actionable way, see our blog. For those dedicated to the path, we also offer experiential products that guide and assist in expediting the journey.


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