When it comes to manifesting money, feeling resistance is one of the most common blocks. Sometimes it seems like no matter what techniques or methods you use, resistance always returns. It's like you can't get out of your own way!

The following report will break down why this happens, and exactly what to do about it, so that you can start manifesting money with more speed, ease and consistency.


Most law of attraction methods or teachers will tell you that when resistance happens, return your focus on the vibration or feeling of your desire being fulfilled. The problem is, this just results in effort and frustration! Especially when those bills have to be paid...

To overcome this block for good—so you can finally manifest everything you want with ease—you must understand why this happens in the first place. You must go to the root of the problem.

On the surface, it may seem like the block has something to do with not believing enough that you already have your desire. But this just keeps you going in circles, trying to force yourself to believe. It doesn't work! So let's go one step further...

If you find yourself in cycles of resistance, no matter how much you try to believe in your desire, there's an underlying belief that must be addressed. It's not that you're doing the techniques wrong, or not believing in your desire enough, it's that there is a more fundamental belief that is getting in your way.

Often this belief has to do with how you relate to the world, your power within it, or what you are capable of. It's a belief that exists at the core of every desire you hold. Find this belief, eliminate it, and your entire perspective will change, which will automatically allow more flow and ease in your manifesting. This is the key you've been searching for.


We're all a little different in the fundamental beliefs we hold. So to eliminate this belief, you must first identify what it is. Here's a process you can use:

1. We're going to work with your desire for money or financial freedom, because this is what you selected (this can work for any area of your life).

2. In the field below, write all the reasons why this might not happen. For example, "I don't know how" or "the world just isn't that way." Any reason at all why this might not be as certain or easy as you desire.

Don't move on until you complete the exercise above!

3. Each of these reasons is an underlying belief that is blocking you and causing you to experience resistance, look for signs, or doubt or worry about your desire manifesting.

4. You now have your list of underlying beliefs that must be eliminated in order to unblock yourself and get your desire manifesting with ease and speed.


Likely the idea of eliminating limiting beliefs is not a new concept to you. There are many techniques for changing beliefs:

  • Repetitive visualization
  • Affirmations
  • Reprogramming meditations
  • Hypnosis
  • Acting "as if"
  • Changing your self-talk
  • Persistence
  • And more...

The problem is, these techniques are never as easy as they seem. Those more deeply-seated beliefs can be difficult! Years and years of habit and reinforcement can make a belief difficult to let go of.

So you're either left stuck not manifesting the things you want in life, or struggling to change your beliefs with the endless repetition these techniques require. Neither are great options, right? And let's be honest, having to learn yet another technique probably makes your head spin!

Fortunately we've discovered an easier way. Would you like to learn how?