PLEASE READ FULLY BEFORE PURCHASING. This is NOT an investment. Revenue Share is presented as a pre-existing feature of the Codebreakers Rev Share NFT. Nowhere is it stated or implied that ownership (in Reality Hacker, Codebreakers, or any other associated legal entity) is granted with NFT ownership.

The Codebreakers Rev Share NFT distributes Revenue Share of the Codebreakers Season 1 NFT collection on a monthly basis, according to the tier of that NFT. Revenue Share will be distributed to holder's wallet in Ethereum, which can then be exchanged on any public exchange into desired currency (we will provide training to help with this process). There are three tiers of Revenue Share: Tier 1 distributes 0.15%, Tier 2 distributes 0.35%, and Tier 3 distributes 0.45%. 

Revenue Share is defined as percentage of gross revenue collected from primary sales of Codebreaker Season 1 NFTs. Secondary sales (royalties collected for reselling of NFTs after initial purchase) are not included in Revenue Share. Monetary value of Revenue Share distribution will vary depending on exchange rate from Ethereum to your desired currency.

Total NFT count of Codebreaker Season 1 collection is 10,000. At the time of this writing, total potential gross revenue of collection is $8,000,000, of which approximate Revenue Share potential is calculated. Actual gross revenue may be higher or lower (we are planning for higher, but obviously can't make any guarantees!). Approximations on this page are only displayed for demonstrative purposes and are not a guarantee. Reality Hacker Academy INC makes no Revenue Share guarantee whatsoever. Upon purchase Revenue Share percentage is locked, however collection details are subject to change.