quest upgrade


This Quest upgrade turns any project into a fun "battle". It's perfect for those big projects you need to get done but just keep finding yourself procrastinating. 


As an add-on to the base Reality Hacker OS journal gameplay, the Battle The Boss Quest gives you a simple framework to play any project (work, school, home, personal) as if you are battling a video game boss.

First you will choose a name for your boss. The Quest comes with a tool to help you generate fun and entertaining boss names. 

Next, you will break your project down into steps. Each step is a "blow" or "hit" in the battle. 

As you play your battle, you record hits and blows to the boss. Watch out though, if you delay too long he'll hit back!

When you complete your project steps, the boss is defeated and you have earned your victory.


Each time you battle a boss, you will earn points that will add to your Reality Hacker OS experience points, and help you move closer to new ranks and rewards. Playing this add-on will get you to higher ranks and rewards more quickly than just playing the base game.


Battle The Boss is currently in testing and development, and will be released soon.

Coming Soon