quest upgrade

Get The Gold

This Quest upgrade guides you in business success by turning your tasks into a fun, light-hearted game of winning gold coins. It's great for money goals!


As an add-on to the base Reality Hacker OS journal gameplay, this Quest gives you a framework to hit your business goals with speed, fun and ease.

Often in business we get ourselves caught up in resistance, doubt, fear and other common patterns like imposter syndrome. This Quest gives you a way to finally eliminate these blocks for good.

First you will use the Quest template to define your goals and break them down into individual steps, or game "moves."

As you complete your "moves" each day, you will earn gold coins. By playing for gold in the Reality Hacker OS Metaverse, you will find your goals easier to accomplish than ever before.

When we shift our perspective on money and turn it into a game for gold, we short-circuit any real-world resistance and accomplish our business goals with ease.


In addition to gold coins, each time you make a "move" toward your goal, you will earn points that will add to your Reality Hacker OS experience points and help you move closer to new ranks and rewards. Playing this add-on will get you to higher ranks and rewards more quickly than just playing the base game.


Get The Gold is currently in testing and development, and will be released soon.

Coming Soon