quest upgrade


This Quest upgrade guides you in effortlessly updating and upgrading your habits. Finally a simple way to make those new habits stick for good.


As an add-on to the base Reality Hacker OS journal gameplay, the Hack Your Habits Quest gives you a simple framework for making new habits stick.

Whether you are looking to drop an old habit, or create a new one, this Quest uses game dynamics and brain physiology to make "habit hacking" completely fun and effortless.

It's perfect for those who have tried but failed to create new habits before, or are just seeking a more fun and effortless way.

Here are a few examples of how this Quest can be use:
• Exercise or fitness
• Diet
• Quit smoking
• Productivity/procrastination
• Routine
Literally any habit...

By the end of this Quest you will recognize that any habit can be instantly and effortlessly changed, with the actual experience to back it up.

When you understand the root of all habits (both in consciousness and in your physiology), changing even the most stubborn of habits becomes easy.


By playing this Quest and conquering your habits, you will earn points that will add to your Reality Hacker OS experience points and help you move closer to new ranks and rewards. Playing this add-on will get you to higher ranks and rewards more quickly than just playing the base game.


Hack Your Habits is currently in testing and development, and will be released soon.

Coming Soon