quest upgrade

The Portal of Nothingness

This Quest upgrade unlocks a new dimension for you to enter any time you need a wellbeing recharge, for total inner peace, stillness and relaxation.


Imagine having a whole other dimension of reality to escape to every time you need a break from the world. With this Quest add-on, that is exactly what you'll have!

This Quest gives you a simple way to step away from your day and quickly recharge. It'll feel like you slept for hours, even though it only takes a few minutes. 

When you open the Portal of Nothingness and enter, your problems will suddenly dissolve and it will feel as though you are suspended in a timeless paradise.

Play this Quest whenever you want and it will increase your experience points in the game.


Each time you enter the Portal of Nothingness, you will earn points that will add to your Reality Hacker OS experience points and help you move closer to new ranks and rewards. Playing this add-on will get you to higher ranks and rewards more quickly than just playing the base game.


The Portal of Nothingness is currently in testing and development, and will be released soon.

Coming Soon