quest upgrade


This Quest upgrade provides a framework for effortlessly achieving fitness and weight goals. Train for your guild's next journey.


As an add-on to the base Reality Hacker OS journal gameplay, this Quest turns each day into a fitness adventure. By giving you a framework to gamify your fitness and weight goals, success becomes easy and inevitable.

First you will use the Quest template to define your specific fitness and weight goals.

Next, you will use the Quest template to break down these goals and turn them into clear, actionable steps. These steps include both manifesting mindset work and physical action.

Now you play. This Quest gives you a daily framework with points, rewards and levels. The Sage coaches you along the way, making sure you maintain momentum and discipline.

As you train with your Guild, you are preparing for your next journey in protecting your realm from danger. Fitness and weight goals have never been so effortless!


Each time you make a "move" toward your goal, you will earn points that will add to your Reality Hacker OS experience points and help you move closer to new ranks and rewards. Playing this add-on will get you to higher ranks and rewards more quickly than just playing the base game.


The Sensei is currently in testing and development, and will be released soon.

Coming Soon