As we discussed on our Bending Reality retreat, the Zero Density State is the level of consciousness where life flows to its fullest and all desires manifest. In an effort to provide the highest level of support in the embodiment of this state, we wanted to give you a map of what we would call the most holistic approach to integration.

While the technology we've giving you installs this state in consciousness, we've found that if other aspects of the mind-body-spirit matrix are unbalanced it can slow down integration. For instance, if stress or trauma cycles are encoded into your body, treating these cycles accelerates the embodiment of Zero Density. Simply approaching this from the consciousness level does work, however it can take longer to work through these cycles than if you were to go directly to the body and achieve balance there.

In consideration of this, we wanted to provide a holistic map for those who want to approach this work with the most efficiency and advantage. These strategies have been highly effective in our own growth and development.


Below is a map of the three pillars of the human matrix—mind, body and spirit. As you get closer to full embodiment of the Zero Density State, these three pillars align and harmonize. This is achieved through repeated use of the Bending Reality technology, careful attention to mental and physical activations in between (the times you should be using the Dematerializing Process). Supplemental recommendations for more accelerated alignment are provided below.

The Mind
The Bending Reality technology uses the mind to activate the Zero Density State of consciousness. As your level of consciousness is raised, you experience less density and you become a natural channel for Source's expression of desire. Below are our recommendations for mental alignment:

  • Use the Bending Reality technology at least 2-3x day
  • Use the Dematerializing Process any time density arises
  • Accelerate this process by identifying subconscious density and limitation, then releasing it. This can be done by tracing recurring thought patterns back to their fundamental belief systems. 

The Body
When the body is out of balance, it becomes an anchor to lower levels of being. It carries more density and commands attention through pain and discomfort, which imprisons your consciousness to lower frequencies. Consistent use of the Bending Reality technology and Dematerializing Process helps release energetic cycles that cause the body to remain in an unbalanced state. This can also be accelerated through supportive behaviors. Below are our recommendations for body alignment:

  • Use the Bending Reality technology at least 2-3x day
  • Use the Dematerializing Process any time density arises
  • Accelerate this process by addressing unbalance in nervous system, gut, and nutritional health. Leverage high quality nutrition, supplements and habits to reach a balance more efficiently. As the body balances chemically, density naturally calms and the Zero Density State becomes more automatic.
  • Accelerate this process by working with a Somatic Practitioner, an individual who has been trained in helping to safely release cycles of trauma. Through this work, safety-survival activations are healed, internal systems relax, and the body becomes a high-output conduit for consciousness and energy.

The Spirit
As we discussed at the retreat, when we are identified as solely the human form, we are limited in our power and potential. The Zero Density State is a shift in this identity. Embodied in Spirit, limitation falls away and you are able to live and operate at the seat of your infinite power and potential. This naturally occurs when the other two pillars, mind and body, and balanced. Below are our recommendations for spiritual alignment:

  • Use the Bending Reality technology at least 2-3x day
  • Use the Dematerializing Process any time density arises
  • Accelerate this process with our I Am Experience program, which is a guided journey in discovering, experimenting with, and embodying your infinite spiritual nature. Note: We recommend this only after the 6 weeks of Bending Reality support end.


At the end of the retreat we presented a package of services intended to provide this holistic approach in one place. We've hand-selected and vetted every piece of this package to ensure you have the highest quality in support. Please note, this is not required for your success with the program, but instead is intended for those who feel they need extra support and are desiring to integrate the Zero Density State as efficiently as possible, for the fastest and most permanent results possible.

Below is the support package we have crafted for you:


  • 1x per month private De-Limiting Session for identifying and eliminating subconscious density & blocks ($3000 value)
  • Personalized Bending Reality Plan for releasing density for your specific 2023 goals ($500 value)
  • Personal Accountability Coach to ensure you achieve your goals ($3000 value)
  • 3x Trauma-Healing Sessions with certified Somatic Therapist ($500 value)
  • 2x Bending Health Consultations with licensed health coach - initial + follow-up consultation ($1000 value)
  • $100 supplement voucher for our new line of Reality Hacker mind-body-spirit nutraceuticals ($100 value)
  • 3 months of daily accountability texts ($50 value)
  • I Am Experience + card deck & book ($138 value)

If you're looking to make this THE year you finally transcend old patterns and materialize a new vision and reality, this package is our best recommendation for ensuring you succeed. 

The total value of the package is $8,288, however we are able to offer a significant discount as a bundle due to bulk discounts. 

Your price, while spots last, is $3,333 for three months, for a savings of $4,955. We also offer no-interest payment plans if you need to break up the payments.

If you are interested, we simply ask you to fill out a quick questionnaire so we can ensure we are able to help you fully in your unique situation. Click the button, fill out the form, and we'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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We thank you SO MUCH for joining us, this program is the pinnacle of our service to you and the world and we could not be more honored that you have chosen to take the journey with us. You can always reach out with any questions by emailing our main support line,

Mike, Dave, Jen & Team Reality Hacker