The Zero Point Accelerator

Introducing our most advanced life and goal acceleration program.

The Zero Point Accelerator is a 90-day life accelerator program that activates a state of SuperFlow for radical acceleration of your goals in a spiritually-integrated way. We call this state Zero Point.

Our framework combines principles of consciousness, non-duality, and self-realization into a first-of-its-kind approach to goal achievement. This is life acceleration at its highest level.

Self-realization and spiritual awakening does not mean you have to give up on your goals. Often, as we awaken higher expressions of our true nature, we also unleash new levels of purpose. Goals and vision often shift, but they do not need to fall away.

Goal achievement is a spiritual process by nature. When integrated with (and driven by) higher levels of spiritual embodiment, resistance dissolves and goals unfold effortlessly. As you learn to embody your own personal Zero Point state each day, life achieves SuperFlow.

With the Zero Point Accelerator, you will discover how to "crack the code" to your highest potential.

what is zero point?

Zero Point is the state in which all potential expressions of yourself are aligned. This is a state of zero resistance, limitation or fragmentation. It is, essentially, who you really are (without the limited identities, stories and belief systems).

Your Zero Point is as unique as your DNA. It is why you are here in this physical realm. It is life, unrestricted. Once your Zero Point is achieved, life flows at a level never experienced before (SuperFlow).

In the Zero Point Accelerator, we extract and awaken your personal Zero Point. Life will never be the same.

How It Works

Our process is highly personalized and designed for permanent integration:

  • We begin by implementing our proprietary Blockage Diagnosis to identify the spiritual blockages that are holding you back from your unique and highest vision and potential
  • With your Diagnosis, we then hand-craft a personalized Life Acceleration plan for achieving your unique Zero Point and activating SuperFlow into all areas of your life
  • This plan combines the principles of consciousness, non-duality, self-realization and practical goal management to create your own Zero Point state for radical acceleration and effortless flow 
  • Through our data-driven process, we work with you each day (or as often as you need) to track and optimize your plan
  • By the end of the 90 days, you will experience a whole new level of spiritual awakening and self-realization along with effortless momentum of your life vision

What You Get

This is a 90-day plan with the highest level of communication with our team:

  • Personalized Blockage Diagnosis & Life Acceleration Plan
  • Total integration of consciousness, non-duality, and self-realization principles into a practical goal achievement framework for use with any goal or vision
  • 90 days of direct support from Zero Point Accelerator founders so you get the most accelerated and permanent results possible
  • Our I Am Experience program is a pre-requisite for this program, so if you have not taken it we will include it in the package
  • Weekly results tracking and optimization of your plan using our multi-dimensional data analysis framework, so you'll blast through all "upper limits" and accelerate week-to-week

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If this is right for you, you know who you are. You feel like this is what you have been searching for. You've wondered how to integrate your spiritual development in a practical way. You know it's no coincidence you're here now. Sign up today for a flat $3k fee. We'll get started immediately.

We look forward to serving you on our most transformational level.

Dave Smith & Michael Gustin
Co-founders, Reality Hacker Co