I Am: The Source Experiments Card Deck - Reality Hacker Co.
I Am: The Source Experiments Card Deck - Reality Hacker Co.
I Am: The Source Experiments Card Deck - Reality Hacker Co.
I Am: The Source Experiments Card Deck - Reality Hacker Co.


$88  ·  45-Day Program

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Packaged uniquely in a beautiful card deck, companion book and private community, the I Am Experiments is a 45-day journey into Source, infinity, manifestation, enlightenment and more. Through daily do-it-yourself experiments, you will discover how infinite you truly are—through actual experience—and unlock the ability to effortlessly manifest anything you desire.

What You Get:

  • A beautiful, gold-printed 50-card deck
  • 45 days of law of attraction experiments that will you teach you exactly how to manifest anything with ease and speed
  • A 183-page companion book with deeper insights & notes
  • Lifetime membership to our private community
  • Firsthand experience of Source consciousness, oneness, non-duality and enlightenment
  • The ability to effortlessly manifest abundance, relationships, freedom, success and more


This purchase will donate $2.97 to charity!

Payment plan available!  Pay just $33 per month for 3 months—ships immediately.



Sound a little bold? It is. And it's 100% the truth, for a simple reason that makes the I Am Experience different from every other program out there:

Rather than tell you how it is, this program gets you to actually experience it.

Consciousness affecting physical reality? You'll experience it.

Your infinite, Source consciousness? You'll experience it.

Manifesting quickly and easily without repetitive visualization or affirmation? You'll experience it.

Awakening to your true, limitless nature? You'll experience it...

And so much more.

There's a reason our customers say this is the best course they've ever taken...

Because knowing—really knowing–you can manifest anything you desire only comes with experience.

And experience only comes through experimentation.

The I Am Experience gives you 45 days of reality-bending experiments that turn everything you've ever studied about the law of attraction into true, undeniable, awe-inspiring experience...

Immediately, and predictably, at your fingertips.

From day one, you will be shocked by the profound results such simple experiments can have...

You will discover true peace, power, control, bliss, ease...

You will unlock a lifetime of knowing how to effortlessly manifest anything you desire...

All for less than the price of dinner and a movie.

Welcome to I Am: The Source Experiments—the last law of attraction program you'll ever need.



The I Am Experiments could be best described as a set of self-experiments that prove reality and matter are shaped by consciousness, by getting you to actually experience it for yourself. This is unlike anything you've seen before; it's a riveting, hands-on journey that will assist you in finally turning intellectual understanding intro true, undeniable experience.

The journey could not be more simple—each day you will draw a card from the deck. The day's card contains a simple experiment to perform. Perform the experiment throughout the day and watch the results unfold. 

As you go through the 45 days of experiments, you will progressively experience a deeper and deeper sense of your infinite Creator Consciousness, as you notice yourself manifesting more, faster, and with far more ease.

By the end of the 45 days, you'll discover more profound peace and joy than you've likely ever experienced. You'll manifest much more quickly than ever before. You'll find your desires just dropping into your lap. You'll finally discover the oneness and flow you've been searching for—and your life will never be the same.


Just One Experiment Per Day
A 45-day journey, each card in the deck contains a do-it-yourself experiment in consciousness, manifestation and Source.

Inevitable & Lasting Results
As the journey progresses, you discover your infinite Self, learn how to live directly from Source, and unlock your ability to manifest with ease, speed and mastery.

A Proven Process
Our process was developed from direct experience and has been proven among our customers to be more effective than any other law of attraction method available.

None of The Fluff
Most courses ask you to learn new, cumbersome techniques; instead, our process gets you manifesting without repetitive visualization, affirmations, meditation, etc.—get more results by doing less!

Permanent Transformation
Backed by the scientific method, our process leverages experimentation and empirical results to guide each student in permanent transformation.

Get The Support You Need

Every purchase comes with lifetime access to our private community where you will get all questions answered.

Beautifully Made
Hand-crafted to the highest quality in materials and ink, these are cards you will cherish forever.



At the center of the experience is the I AM Card Deck. Each deck contains 45 days of law of attraction experiments, plus 5 additional bonus cards with never-before-released Reality Hacks. Pull a card each day and discover a do-it-yourself experiment that will get you experiencing your Infinite Self, prove consciousness shapes reality, and get you manifesting near instant results with ease.

Cards are tarot-sized, printed in a beautiful gold, black and white finish that you will cherish forever.



When it comes down to it, results are the only thing that matter. Which is why, from day one, our process is designed around getting you mind-blowing results—with speed and ease.

Here is just some of what you will experience with the I Am Experiments:

Manifest Quickly And Easily—Without The Fluff

Tired of having to learn and practice new manifesting techniques that don't always work? In less than 45 days the I Am Experiments will get you manifesting without:

🚫 Repetitive visualization
🚫 Affirmations
🚫 Changing your vibration
🚫 Reprogramming your subconscious
🚫 Meditation
🚫 Journaling
🚫 Vision boards
🚫 Hypnosis
🚫 Living "as if"
🚫 Prayer
🚫 Action
🚫 Struggle or frustration

The I Am Experiment's proven process gets you experiencing how fast, easy and consistent manifestation can truly be—without all the fluff. You'll never need another technique or method again!

Tap Into Your Limitless Nature

Ever feel like you know what you want, but struggle to believe you can manifest it? From day one, you will experience what the masters, yogis and mystics have taught for ages, but most people spend decades to find, if they ever find at all—our true, infinite nature. You will be guided in simple experiments to actually experience your limitlessness, and unlock your  ability to manifest all that you desire. Along the way, you will also be guided in noticing the biggest reason people suffer, struggle and block their ability to manifest—so you never do it again!

Finally Have Mastery Over Your Thoughts

Ever struggle with negative thoughts? With the I Am Experiments you will experience the way to easily have mastery over your thinking. It's so simple, so obvious, yet just about everyone misses it! With your thinking under control, you will not only experience more peace than ever before, you will also find there is no limit to the magic your life can become! This is the beginning to unlocking your ability to manifest on-demand... imagine that!

Discover The Secret of Timelessness

Ever feel like your manifesting is taking too long? With the I Am Experiments you will experience the mystic truth of timelessness. You will discover that there is no such thing as time, that you exist outside of the concept of time, and that armed with this experience you can effortlessly command reality to bend and shape to your liking. With this awareness, you will begin to experience a sense of peace, presence, empowerment and flow like never before. If you're looking for speed, this is the discovery you've been waiting for.

Manifest Without Action

Ever find it confusing whether you need to take action, or what action to take? Ever get caught up in "how" something will manifest? With the I Am Experiments you will discover that action is not required for manifestation, and that often it is the very thing that is holding you back. You will watch as manifestations drop into your lap every day... this experience alone changes everything!

Drop Limited Beliefs With Ease

Know limited beliefs need to be changed, but find it difficult to do so? While most courses and methods have you painstakingly trying to reprogram beliefs, with the I Am Experiments you will experience limited beliefs literally evaporating before your eyes as you tap deeper and deeper into your limitless nature. There is no easier way to completely transform your life, because as beliefs fall away, your reality automatically changes!

It Doesn't End There...

If that wasn't already enough, it doesn't end there—through the 45-day journey you will also:

😱 ​Experience Total Oneness With Everything
😱 ​Experience The End of Lack & Limitation
😱 ​Experience Your Infinite Intelligence
😱 ​Experience Your Eternal Self
😱 ​Experience How to Live As Source Consciousness Itself
😱 ​Experience Your True State of Infinite Joy, Power & Bliss
😱 Experience ​How to Live Effortlessly
😱 ​Experience Thoughts Directly Affecting Reality
😱 ​Experience Instant Manifestation
😱 ​Experience How to Never Have Resistance Again
😱 ​Experience Deeper Peace & Happiness Than Ever Before

​And much, much more... including a special bonus:


Get Personalized Help Manifesting Your Big Desire

This all sounds good, but what about that big desire? Will this finally be the program that gets you there?

We all have that big desire, the one that, if manifest, would change everything. Whether it's financial freedom, the perfect relationship, health, or anything in-between, it's easy to get stuck...

Leaving you searching for success stories and insights for "how others did it".

If you've experienced this, we have the bonus for you! As a special bonus, if you purchase today we will create a personalized Manifestation Accelerator Plan for exactly how you will manifest your big desire... based on real-life success.

After purchase, you'll fill out a few questions and we will customize a plan for you based on the hundreds of success stories we have helped our community achieve. Your personalized plan will be simple, actionable, and based on real results, leaving no questions on exactly what to do to ensure you manifest your big desire.

Not only that, we will also be available in the private I Am Experiments community to answer questions and coach you along the way, to ensure you succeed.

$999 value   FREE

All of this—a lifetime of effortless manifesting—for less than the price of dinner and a movie. So what are you waiting for?

Start The Journey Today:



The I Am Experiments contains 45 days of do-it-yourself, manifestation-mastering experiments.

Receive the program materials

Complete one experiment per day

Watch your life effortlessly change

The process is gentle yet profound, each day building on the previous. It's a simple process of unraveling the limitation that is holding you back from living as your true, limitless Source Self. The more you advance, the simpler (and more blissful) life gets. And you'll find, within a few short weeks, you've finally found the "missing piece" you've been searching for.

Read the story of how these experiments were created



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Jennifer S.
United States United States

Love it!

I've been a life long seeker, and have experienced many teachers and teachings. The "I AM:Source Experiments" is the most transformational product I've ever used. The subtle yet profound daily lessons, or "experiments", have allowed me to shift my reality and awareness in almost unbelievable ways. In the first 8 days, I was experiencing non-stop cocreative miracles, and it's continued to increase and expand with every day. I highly recommend this deck if you are looking for true transformation.


Eye opening, life changing

I feel happier more in control of my thoughts and experience. I see life differently. It also helped me with my kids as I explained the process with them. I feel much better as I am in a better place in life having went through this 45 day experiments.


It's a life changer

This card deck has instilled within an inner peace and stillness inside my heart that I know is, absolutely priceless, no matter who you are, what you're going through, how or what you've been struggling with. This card deck will help you find so much wonderment in your life. It changed mine.


Life changing… leaves me speechless

The deck of cards starts us at our surface level. As I moved deeper step by step, day by day, card by day, and the journey seemed “easy” till I reached the card that started taking me into my depths. From here I started my journey from where I previously had reached. Gradually, I noticed manifestations happening, catching greater speed as I moved further with the cards. I felt greater ease, while the resistance melted away. And, if resistance did rise, I had “tools” to use to melt it away. Now, have completed my first journey through these cards, I’m eager to start my second journey with these cards - and I trust the more I use them, the deeper I’ll go.


The brightest part of my day

These cards are the brightest part of my day! They express truth and wisdom in ways I had never heard before. They teach one how to create your best life by getting in touch with your spiritual self, your spirit, soul, higher self, whatever you want to call it. And I continue to use them, every day so that I can get in touch with the highest part of myself, my inner being. From here, I can create my day and my life. I am now more open to inspiration, I have more hope, more gratitude, and happiness than before. I highly recommend this card deck or anything that Dave and Michael create!



A message from co-creater Dave Smith:

Thank you for your interest in the I AM Experiments. I wanted to share a bit about the experience and product.

We created this because we wanted to do something different. Not just different for the sake of different, but different with purpose.

There are a few key points as to why this experience was created in this format, different than anything else out there:

  • We never really internalize anything until we experience it, and sometimes experience requires taking us OUT of social media, out of our books, etc, and into REALITY. We need to get out of our head and into actual experience!
  • Most people get stuck in a cycle of consumption, rather than experimentation, and this causes slow growth (or none at all).
  • Most people struggle with concepts like the law of attraction and manifestation because their fundamental world view is almost entirely contradictory to it!
  • Therefore, the fastest way (we've found) to achieve so-called mastery and ease is through breaking down our faulty world view, then building it back up through experimentation.

See, we've all been born into a certain world view that is reflective of the age and society we live in. This has been adopted from centuries of thinking and belief.

We search and search for a greater truth, a greater mastery over life, yet almost never find ourselves questioning the fundamentals of what this world and reality really is—and who we really are!

These are beliefs that are so embedded in us on a subconscious level that we just don't see them. So no wonder we never look, because we don't know they're there!

Yet, when you start REALLY questioning the nature of everything, when you stop accepting anything you've been told and leave it all up for your own fresh discovery—

Something pretty magical happens. You quickly discover exactly what you've been looking for!

The last thing we want to do is be another source of projection, telling you "this is how it is"; our goal is to offer you simple guide posts, so that you can discover it for yourself!

By doing this we are able to guide you in permanently breaking down exactly what is holding you back—dismantling that faulty foundation—so that you can build it up again with total stability and "knowing".

As this process happens, what we've found is, you'll find more peace and happiness than perhaps you've ever had (at least, since you were a child),

You start believing—actually, fully KNOWING—you are capable of anything, that you are truly IT ALL, and IT ALL is simply a thought away,

And since you've let go of all that faulty nonsense that is holding you back from actually being your true infinite self, you actually start seeing your dreams unfold before you—effortlessly.

When you come from this place of YOUR own truth (rather than someone else's), your life happens on its own. There's no trying. It's effortless!

And all the while you have such a deep, present, peaceful foundation that you find yourself just smiling and laughing along the way.

So, I hope I gave you a little taste of what you're in for.

We are grateful for the opportunity to see you transform.

Dave Smith, Co-Founder Reality Hacker Co


Everything you are searching for is literally just days away...



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