Become "unflappable" in the midst of any chaos around you.

Gills is a fantastic character upgrade that renders you unflappable in the midst of any chaos around you. Often, when stress arises, breathing becomes shallow, rapid, and the body panics. With Gills, you will always breathe regularly, remaining in a state of strong stability throughout any troubled waters around you.


As you’re hiking one sunny afternoon, you stop by a small stream, admiring the way the light plays through the flowing water.

An object catches your attention. It’s trapped in the pebbles, and as your fingers pry it free, you discover a green flask with the image of a fish embossed in the glass.

You remove the stopper and inhale. You feel your lungs immediately open, accepting more air. You feel expansive, relaxed, and unstoppable.

Without another thought, you drink the entire contents. Your breathing becomes full, and you know that no matter what happens, your peace and confidence remain unaffected.


The Gills Upgrade comes with:

  • A guided Activation meditation to activate this upgrade (you may use it once or any time you'd like a boost)
  • A printable guide for how to use this upgrade with your Reality Hacker OS journal and everyday manifesting
  • A cheatsheet guide to carry with you in your journal for easy reference
  • A process to use for your lifetime for remaining at peace in the midst of chaos around you

Note: This is a digital download


Gills is on sale now as an instant download. Get started today. Use it with your Reality Hacker Journal, or on its own.


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